INDIA: ‘The game will not change by changing the name’, CM Yogi said – even if the crow keeps its name Hans…

INDIA Vs INDIA: Yogi further said that by giving the name of full moon to the black night of new moon, it will not become cool and bright.

INDIA Vs INDIA Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath took a dig at the opposition parties on Tuesday. CM Yogi said, ‘Your game will not change by changing the name’. It is INDIA vs INDIA. The firebrand BJP leader said that even if the crow names itself Hans, it will not bite the pearl.

CM Yogi further said that by giving the name of full moon to the black night of new moon, it will not become cool and bright. Changing the name will not change their basic nature. Yogi Adityanath said that the divisive thinking and anti-India vision created in the soul and culture will not end by using the name INDIA.

Yogi Adityanath’s comment on opposition parties came after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s statement. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday termed the opposition alliance ‘Indian National Development Inclusive Alliance’ (INDIA) as the most ‘directionless’ alliance the country has ever seen. Citing names like East India Company and Indian Mujahideen, he said that people cannot be misled just by using the name of the country.

Union Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pralhad Joshi said that the Prime Minister referred to the ‘frustrated and disheartened’ behavior of the opposition and said that his attitude shows that he has decided to remain in the opposition for many years to come.


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As opposition parties rallied under the banner of ‘India’ (coalition), the prime minister cited the history of some banned extremist and terrorist outfits, including some others, using the country’s name and described the grouping as a coalition of corrupt leaders and parties.

According to sources, he said that even the main opposition party, the Indian National Congress, was named by an Englishman, AO Hume. According to sources, Modi said that organizations which want to rule and break the country, which want to divide it, have used names like ‘Bharat’ and ‘Indian’ to mislead people. He said that people have now matured and will not be misled by such nomenclature.


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Addressing reporters after the meeting, former Union minister and senior BJP leader Ravi Shankar Prasad said, “He (the prime minister) made a very big comment. The Indian National Congress was formed by an Englishman. The East India Company was also formed by the British. These days people keep the name of Indian Mujahideen and Indian People’s Front as well… So they put face to face, the truth is something else.

Responding to the Prime Minister’s remarks, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said, “call us whatever you want”, but “we are India” and will rebuild the idea of ​​India in Manipur. Speaking in the Rajya Sabha, Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge said that “we are talking about Manipur, which is burning”, with the Prime Minister “talking about East India (company) and saying that India means East India (company)”.


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