Indian Railways Trains will now run 15 km/h faster, know why Railways is increasing the speed

To save passengers from delay during train journey, the Railway Department has taken several new measures as a precautionary measure.

Train speed in winter: The Railway Department has decided to increase the speed limit of trains in order to save railway passengers from delay due to fog and mist etc. during winter. At present, the maximum speed limit of trains is 60 km. It is being increased by 15 km to 75 km per hour. The Railway Department said on Tuesday that this would be possible with the help of equipment provided to loco pilots in all locomotives running in fog-affected areas.

Lime marking will also be done across the track on the sighting board.

The department has also asked to maintain the arrangement of detonators, devices mounted on rails that explode with a loud sound when the engine passes to attract the attention of the driver. Along with this, lime marking will also be done across the track on the sighting board. In the case of a double-distant signal, this will be done at the distant signal.

Signal boards will be brightly painted and bright strips will be provided

Railways said, “The new existing Seating cum Luggage Rake (SLR) is already being fitted with LED-based flasher tail light, therefore, the existing SLR with fixed red light will be replaced and fitted with LED light. This would be a huge task. All signal viewing boards, whistle boards, fog signal posts and busy sensitive level crossings, which are accident prone, will be either painted or provided with yellow/black luminous strips.”

Instructions for frequent whistle blowing at level crossings

Loco pilots have been instructed to blow whistle repeatedly to warn the gateman of the approaching train and general public at the level crossing. The drivers are being instructed to run the train at the speed at which they can control it when visibility is low due to fog. This speed should not exceed 75 kmph in any form.


Trains Canceled Today: Railways canceled 230 trains today, know whether your train was canceled

In fact, every year in winter due to dense fog and mist, the speed of trains reduces considerably. Due to this the trains reach late by several hours. Sometimes the train reaches a day or two after the scheduled time. Due to this many times trains have to be cancelled.


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