Instagram Reels: Download Instagram Reels in a jiffy without third-party apps, a unique trick

download Instagram reels: Learn how you can download Instagram reels without downloading any third-party app.

Download Instagram Reels: Meta had told a few weeks ago that the growth of Reels is increasing continuously around the world. And the company continues to make efforts to make Reels more easily discoverable on Facebook and Instagram. Any users can easily view and share Reels on meta platforms Facebook and Instagram. But it is difficult to share reels outside these platforms.

There are many third-party apps where reels can be downloaded with a single click. But remember that these apps steal user data and many of them also show a lot of advertisements and offers. That is why we are telling you about a trick through which you can easily download Instagram Reels in your phone without downloading any third party app.

Learn how to download reels on smartphone without downloading any third-party app on Android and iOS devices…


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  • First of all open the Instagram app on your smartphone. Now play the reel you want to download
  • Now, click on the Share icon which looks like a paper plane
  • Then click on Add Reels to your story
  • Now on the next page you will see 3 dots at the top right corner, click on it. Then select Save
  • Now discard the story
  • After this the reel will be downloaded to your Instagram Folder. Which you can access by going to your Gallery app.


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