Interview: Why did Bhojpuri actress Anjana Singh say- ‘I will not bow down… I cannot tolerate that someone puts me under pressure’, know what is the matter

Anjana Singh Speaks On Nidhi Jha-Yash Kumar: Bhojpuri actress Nidhi Jha recently replied to trolls and said that her husband and Anjana Singh’s ex-husband Yash Kumar was single for years. In such a situation, now actress Anjana Singh has replied on this.

Bhojpuri actress Anjana Singh is called the dream girl and hot cake of the industry. She has worked not only in Bhojpuri but also in TV serials. He has worked with celebs like Bhojpuri’s big stars Pawan Singh and Dinesh Lal Yadav Nirahua. Along with films, she has also been in a lot of discussion about her personal life. Meanwhile, now she has spoken on the issue of being called single to ex-husband Yash Kumar and her relationship with him. The actress regarding this matter Talked exclusively to Let us tell you what he said…?

Anjana Singh gave her reaction on the matter of ex-husband being ‘single for years’ and said, ‘Look… when they say that you do not know the truth, then ask them what is the truth? What is the truth that you are hiding and people do not know. They are doing so much, speaking and telling, so why don’t they tell everything? Everyone loves their own image. If people are trolling you wrong then why don’t everyone tell the truth? All I would like to say on this is that I cannot bow down to Anjana Singh. I can’t bear I do what I like. If someone wants to keep me under pressure, wants to keep it hidden, I cannot tolerate all that. I can’t stand all these things. People tell me again and again that Yash Kumar ji has left you, so now should I also keep telling people that you do not know the truth.


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Only girls are wrong in such matter – Anjana Singh

Actress Anjana Singh, who is called Bhojpuri’s dream girl, further said in the interview, ‘ Anyway, in such cases, girls are often wrong. Boys are very nice. I think in a relationship it is important to stand by each other when you need it and know how to tackle each other. One thing with men is that if he defeats his man ego then everything goes well and if he is not able to defeat then everything goes wrong.


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Was Yash Kumar Single?

Along with this, the actress says about Nidhi Jha’s single claim, ‘I can tell this much that in 2015 my daughter Aditi was born. We were married in 2013 and got separated in 2017-18. As far as I remember, we were officially divorced in 2018.


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Why was there a divorce with Yash Kumar?

Anjana Singh tells about her divorce from Yash Kumar, ‘Our divorce was also done with mutual consent. We didn’t want to highlight it in the media. That’s why nothing was done publicly. There was no such situation in our relationship that it should be highlighted. Neither he nor I had any demand, which should be told publicly or take the help of the media. There was no need. That’s why it was not announced.


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