IPL 2023: Mohit Sharma told what was the plan on the last ball, kept thinking the whole night after failing; Ravindra Jadeja and Shivam Dubey had made this plan

In the IPL 2023 final, Mohit Sharma’s last ball was hit for a four by Ravindra Jadeja and he quickly ran towards MS Dhoni. Shivam Dubey wanted to give him a high-five, but he could not.

Chennai Super Kings (CSK) needed 13 runs off the last over to register a thrilling win against Gujarat Titans (GT) in the Indian Premier League 2023 (IPL 2023) final. Shivam Dubey and Ravindra Jadeja told each other that all they needed were two big shots and the job would be done. Jadeja made the team the champion for the 5th time by hitting sixes and fours on the last two balls of Mohit Sharma. Mohit may not have been able to win Gujarat, but he stopped the breath of Chennai fans in the first 4 balls. His plan was to do a yorker after being hit for a six off the 5th ball, but the ball fell in the wrong place and Jadeja did his job. After this he could not sleep the whole night. He kept thinking what he could have done.

Shivam Dubey praised Mohit Sharma’s 4 balls

Shivam Dubey told The Indian Express what happened between him and Jadeja before the last over. He said, “Before the last over, we told each other in the conversation that somehow we need two good shots. It can be two fours or two sixes. We were confident that we can’t lose from here.” Dubey told how well Sharma bowled 4 balls. “There was nothing we could do about it. We tried, but credit should go to Mohit bhai for the way he bowled.”

what was going on in shivam dubey’s mind

Shivam Dubey reveals what was going through his mind before the last two balls. He said, “When the last two balls were bowled, somewhere I was sure that Jaddu would connect somehow. It was a big relief when he hit a six. On the last ball, I was hoping that if we don’t connect, we will get three runs. I know running three won’t be easy, but I just wanted to run as fast as I could. Whatever you do, the match has to be brought to a tie. But Jaddu connected and he ran after that hit.”


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Shivam Dubey could not give high-five to Ravindra Jadeja

Ravindra Jadeja hits a four and he runs fast towards MS Dhoni. Shivam Dubey wanted to give him a high-five, but he could not. He said about it, “He ran very fast. The way the plane turns before landing, it turned in the same way. On bowling the last over, Mohit Sharma said, “I was very clear about what I wanted to do. I practiced such situations in the nets and I have been in such situations before. That’s why I said I have to bowl all the yorkers.” He bowled 4 balls according to the plan and only 3 runs were scored. The first ball was a dot.

what did hardik pandya talk to mohit sharma

Chennai needed 10 runs off the last two balls. Gujarat Titans captain Hardik Pandya spoke to Mohit Sharma. Mohit told about it. He said, “They wanted to know what would be his plan. I said I will try to bowl the yorker again. People have been around a lot now, but it doesn’t make any sense. I knew what I wanted to do.”


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Mohit Sharma was confident of defending 4 runs on the last ball

Even after Jadeja hit a six off the 5th ball, Mohit was confident that he would defend 4 runs off the last ball. He wanted to bowl yorkers near the toes. He said, “I ran and tried to bowl the yorker again. I just wanted to be focused and back myself. That’s what I’ve done throughout the IPL. The ball landed where it shouldn’t have landed and Jadeja put the bat on. I tried, I tried my best. I couldn’t sleep Kept thinking what would have been different that would have won the match. What if I could throw this ball or that ball? Not feeling well now. Something is missing somewhere, but I am trying to move forward.”


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