IPL Auction: Avinash Singh wanted to go to Canada after failing in the army test, caught leather ball for the first time 10 months ago; Coach was stunned to see the speed

Avinash singh wiki: In December 2021, after failing another physical test for the army, Avinash had planned to go to Canada.

Pratyush Raj | For the Indian Premier League 2023 (IPL 2023), the players’ auction (IPL Auction) was being held in Kochi on 23 December. Around 3,200 km away, at a home in Jammu and Kashmir, Avinash Singh’s family was watching the auction on TV, gazing intently. After some time, Avinash’s father Ashok Singh got impatient and looking at his son said, ‘Let’s get rid of cricket fever and go to Canada…’. But soon the family squealed with joy.

In the IPL, Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) have bid 60 lakhs for the anonymous player Avinash Singh, who hails from Jammu and Kashmir. His story is interesting. Avinash’s father Ashok Singh is an auto driver by profession and the financial condition of the family is not very good.

Avinash wanted to join the army

Avinash Singh had no special interest in cricket, rather he wanted to join the army. Last year in the same month, when Avinash failed in the Army’s physical test, he had made up his mind to go to Canada (Avinash Singh Canada Story). His family took a loan from their relatives and started the process of getting visa and passport.

Had reached the academy with friends

In February this year, Avinash got a chance to visit former cricketer Mayank Goswami’s academy one day with his friends. Although Avinash had been playing with tennis ball for a long time, but for the first time he got an eye on leather ball and for the first time he got a chance to bowl with leather ball. According to Avinash, my heartfelt desire was to join the army, cricket was only a hobby (Avinash Singh Hobbies) and it never crossed my mind that I would get a chance to play professional cricket.

Eyes were teary seeing Avinash’s bowling

In a conversation with Indian Express, Mayank Goswami says that ‘I had tears in my eyes… I asked some other coaches about Avinash’s bowling. Everyone was stunned ‘. He tells that after this I told Avinash that you can join my academy, but he did not return.

After about a week, Goswami sent a coach from his academy to Avinash’s house. Then Avinash told about his financial problems. Goswami says that I requested Avinash’s father to give him one year’s time, if he could not do anything then send him to Canada.

No money even to buy shoes, father is the only earner

Talking to Indian Express, Avinash Singh Profile says that I was preparing to go to Canada. My father was also against cricket. I didn’t even have money to buy shoes with spikes. Our financial condition is not particularly good. My two brothers are studying. I was not doing anything, my father is the only earning person. He asked me from where would you buy the cricket kit, it is so expensive. That’s why I started making excuses to Mayank sir.

Sent from Jammu to Pune for training

Mayank Goswami says that after a few weeks of training in my academy, I decided to send Avinash to Pune to Ashok Gaikwad, who is a famous coach. When he came back from Pune he was completely changed, from March to June we worked on his pace.

Speed ​​above 150 in 10 months

Avinash Singh, who started bowling with a leather ball just 10 months ago, has joined the trials of Royal Challengers Bangalore in this September. There he has surprised everyone by bowling at a speed of 154.3 kilometers per hour. Avinash was also invited by KKR DC to attend the trial.


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