Italy: concern over rapidly decreasing population

The city of Bari’s size depopulated last year due to the negative population growth rate in Italy.

The population in Italy is decreasing rapidly. After Prime Minister Georgia Meloni, Pope Francis of Vatican has also expressed concern about the negative growth rate in population or decrease in birth rate i.e. ‘Demographic Winter’. Pope Francis on Friday called on Italians to have more children, joining conservative Italian Prime Minister Georgia Meloni and criticizing the fear of financial troubles plaguing young couples as “selfish, arrogant”. Due to the decisions, the birth rate is at an all-time low and there is a fear of threatening the economic future of the country.

Pope Francis calls for concrete political steps to end the ‘demographic winter’ The population has ended. In a scathing attack on couples who choose to keep pets instead of children, Pope Francis called for resources to help couples raise families, saying it was necessary to plant hope for the future.

‘Please do not turn to sterility and despair,’ the pope said at an annual gathering to support families. Please do not believe that history is set and nothing can be given to change it. Italy had a very low birth rate last year (3,92,598) while 7,13,499 people died during this period. For this reason, the population growth rate in Italy was negative last year.


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