Julie-Ajay’s love story is like Seema-Sachin, now a blood-soaked picture from Bangladesh, know what is the whole incident

Love Story: Ajay is a resident of Naya Gaon Gautam Nagar in Civil Lines area of ​​Moradabad. Ajay’s (25) father Ramchandra used to pull a rickshaw. He is dead.

Love Story: At present, the love story of Seema Haider and Sachin Meena, who came to Pakistan, is in discussion in the country, but in the meantime, the love story of taxi driver Ajay from Moradabad in UP and Julie from Bangladesh has also come to the fore. Ajay and Julie became friends on Facebook two years ago. After this both fell in love. When love struck, Julie moved across the border to Bangladesh with her 11-year-old daughter Halima to live with Ajay in Moradabad.

It has been almost a year since Julie came to Moradabad. She left Islam and converted to Hinduism and married Ajay. Three months ago, a new development came to light in this story, when Julie left home on the pretext of getting her visa renewed from Bangladesh and took her husband Ajay along with her. He made Ajay cross the border without passport and visa. Five days ago, Julie sent her mother-in-law a blood-soaked picture of her husband Ajay on WhatsApp. On Monday, Sunita reached the office of the Superintendent of Police and gave the application. After which the police reached Ajay’s house and inquired about the incident from his mother.

Ajay is a resident of Gautam Nagar, a new village in Civil Lines area of ​​Moradabad. Ajay’s (25) father Ramchandra used to pull a rickshaw. He is dead. Apart from Ajay’s mother Sunita, there are two sisters and two brothers in the family. Sisters are married. Ajay’s mother Sunita says that her son used to drive the school bus. Then started driving a taxi. About two years ago, he had befriended Julie from Bangladesh through Facebook.

Julie left Islam and converted to Hinduism.

Ajay’s mother Sunita told the media, ‘It was about a year ago. One day Julie came to Moradabad from Bangladesh with her 11 year old daughter Halima. Julie said that she loves Ajay and wants to get married. She told that her husband had died. She was alone there, so she left Bangladesh and came to India. Sunita says, ‘I had initially opposed this marriage, but was forced in front of the son’s insistence. Julie also behaved like she loves my son Ajay very much. He had converted to Hinduism leaving Islam before marriage. After this, she and Ajay were married according to Hindu customs. We didn’t change his name, said let the name be the same. We used to call her Julie. His daughter Halimah also became a Hindu. We didn’t even change his name.


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Ajay’s mother Sunita further says that Julie stayed for about 15 days after getting married. Then went away saying that the time of visa is over. About three and a half months ago, she again came to Moradabad from Bangladesh. This time she stayed at our house in Moradabad for about 20 days. During this she used to do puja. Used to wear saree like Hindu women. We started feeling that she really loves our son. We also adopted him completely.


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Sunita tells that it was about three months back. Julie said that her visa has expired. He has to go to Bangladesh for renewal. He asked Ajay to drop him till the border. She took Ajay along with her, promising to walk with her till Kolkata. Sunita told that three days after leaving home, she had received a call from her son Ajay. He said that mother, I have crossed the border by mistake while dropping Julie. trying to come back

Sunita is worried about her son

Sunita is worried about her son. She says that her son has neither a passport nor a visa. In such a situation, it is not known in what condition it will be in Bangladesh. Meanwhile, a photo he received from the mobile phone of his daughter-in-law Julie from Bangladesh made him worried. Julie WhatsApps Ajay’s blood-soaked picture to her mother-in-law, Sunita. After this, when Sunita called, Julie herself neither talked nor did she let Ajay talk to her. Sunita is in a bad state after seeing the blood-soaked picture of her son Ajay. Sunita has given an application to the District Magistrate and Superintendent of Police of Moradabad, pleading for Ajay’s safe return home. Sunita told that for the last five days she has called several times, but neither her son Ajay nor daughter-in-law Julie is picking up the phone.


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