Kailash Kher B’day: Ran away from home at the age of 14, stumbling door to door, the journey to Mumbai was not easy for Kailash Kher, he even jumped into the Ganges river

Happy Birthday Kailash Kher: Kailash Kher started his career by singing jingles. He used to sing jingles for brands. His career was full of struggles.

Kailash Kher Birthday: Kailash Kher is the personality of Bollywood, who has made a mark in the industry on the basis of his voice. From ‘Chand Recommendation’ in ‘Fanaa’ to ‘Jai Jayakara’ in ‘Bahubali’, he has got the iron of singing. He made his mark in the industry after a long struggle. His hard work is the reason behind becoming a successful singer. The journey of his struggles started only at the age of 14. When he ran away from home. During this, he had stumbled from door to door. His journey till Mumbai was not easy. Let us know about this struggle of his…

Actually, Kailash Kher is celebrating his 50th birthday today. He was born on July 7, 1973 in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. He started his journey from Uttar Pradesh and then went to Uttarakhand and Delhi. His dreams got wings in Delhi and he took off in such a way that he gave many superhit songs one after the other. It is not an easy thing to reach where he is today. He made many efforts. Singer ran away from home at the age of just 14 and headed straight to the mountains of Rishikesh. where he made his home.


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tried to kill myself

Kailash Kher did a handicraft business with a family friend before starting his career in singing. Due to this, he had gone into a lot of depression and he had decided to end his life. That’s why he even jumped into the river Ganges. But luck had to take him to the sky, so how would death be complete. He started showing his talent only at the age of 4. His father Mehar Singh Kher was an Indian folk singer. He belongs to Kashmiri family.


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Sadhu showed the way, faced setbacks in Delhi

After running away from home, when Kailash started living in an ashram with sadhus in the mountains of Uttarakhand. Every day when preparations were made for Ganga Aarti at Ganga Ghat, he used to hum that song in his best voice and used to sway the sages and saints with his voice. Seeing this, one day a Mahant called him and said, ‘Why do you keep getting upset? Bholenath will do good. There is magic in your voice.’ From here he decided to move on. During this, he again came to Delhi and here he faced a lot of setbacks. Used to do small jobs to meet the expenses.


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talk made in mumbai

Kailash Kher moved to Mumbai after Delhi. Where his dreams got flight. Here he sang jingles for many popular brands. While in the initial times he did not even know the meaning of the jingle. His jingles reached the famous music composer duo Vishal-Shekhar. Vishal-Shekhar were looking for singers for ‘Vaisa Bhi Hota Hai Kabhi Kabhi’. The song in it was the song ‘Allah Ke Bande’, whose search ended on Kailash Kher. It became very popular and Singer never looked back.


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