Karnataka Election: ‘BJP’s fake Hindutva did not work, real ‘Operation Lotus’ happened in Karnataka, attack on Modi-Shah in Saamana’s editorial

Saamana Editorial: It has been said in the editorial of Saamana that in the Karnataka elections, the Congress party has crossed the majority mark and the world’s largest party BJP is hanging on only 65 seats.

Karnataka Election: The Bharatiya Janata Party has suffered a crushing defeat in Karnataka. Congress has won big with 135 seats. Regarding this, a befitting attack has been made on the BJP through an article in the editorial of Saamana. Saamana’s editorial reads, ‘BJP’s fake Hindutva did not work in Karnataka and the real ‘Operation Lotus’ has now happened there. Shiv Sena (UBT) wrote this article on Monday after the defeat of the saffron party in the southern state.

The Shiv Sena (UBT) said in an editorial in the party mouthpiece Saamana that the people of Karnataka have given a crushing defeat to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah in the elections. This is a good sign for the country. For which the people of Karnataka should be congratulated.

‘People of Kannada gave a direction to the country’

Saamana’s editorial further states that the Congress party has crossed the majority mark in the Karnataka elections and the world’s largest party, the BJP, has managed to win only 65 seats. Along with this, Karnataka, its only southern fort, has also gone out of BJP’s hands. Saamana’s editorial said that the people of Kannada have shown the direction of what will happen in the country in the year 2024.

‘Bommai government engaged in corruption’

The Shiv Sena said the BJP’s defeat in Karnataka was certain and praised the Congress leadership in the state for staying united despite differences in the party. The Shiv Sena said the Congress was united in Karnataka. Although there were differences between the leaders, they did not reveal it during the election. Shivakumar, including Siddaramaiah who aspired to become the Chief Minister. All of them left the issue to the high command and threw themselves into the election campaign.

The article further said that apart from this, the BJP government led by Basavaraj Bommai was infamous for corruption, looting, price rise and unemployment. While these issues were more important, leaving aside all these issues, the BJP and its leaders were misleading the people of Delhi. They were creating a rift between Hindu-Muslims.

‘BJP’s fake Hindutva did not work in Karnataka’

The editorial further said that the speeches of Modi and Shah during the election campaign were nothing but political gimmicks. He first started the issue of ‘Hijab’, but failed. As soon as Congress talked about banning Bajrang Dal in its manifesto. After this Modi and others started shouting Bajrang Bali as an insult to Bajrang Bali during the election campaign. Modi launched Bajrang Bali in the campaign, but all this did not make any difference in Karnataka. On the contrary, Bajrang Bali threw his mace on Modi-Shah’s head and put it on Rahul Gandhi’s shoulder. It is clear that BJP’s fake Hindutva did not work in Karnataka.

Shiv Sena also took a dig at PM Modi. The article said that the people of Karnataka did not heed Modi’s cries. During the Karnataka election campaign, Modi mentioned several times that the Congress has so far abused him 91 times.

‘Congress raised the issue of price rise while BJP raised Hijab and Bajrangbali’

Priyanka Gandhi taunted PM Modi on this statement of Modi. During the election campaign, Priyanka Gandhi said that Prime Minister Modi does not talk about the questions of the people, but is busy telling what the people of Congress told him. The article said that the Congress also criticized the BJP’s policy on inflation and increase in the prices of gas cylinders. For the Congress in Karnataka, the issue of price rise was more important than Bajrang Bali and Hijab.

Had BJP won, Modi would have taken the credit and Nadda was responsible for the defeat.

Shiv Sena claimed that BJP’s Operation Lotus was crushed by the people of Karnataka. Now gone are the days of Operation Lotus, winning elections by threatening, putting ED, CBI behind the opposition. The Karnataka verdict made it clear that common man can defeat dictatorship. The editorial said that if the BJP had won Karnataka, PM Modi would have taken the credit, but now the BJP has lost. That’s why party president JP Nadda will have to take the responsibility of the defeat.


There must have been some compulsions… Shivkumar not going to Delhi is telling a lot, will Siddaramaiah emerge ahead in the CM race?

The politics of UP was also mentioned in the editorial of Saamana. The article said that except Uttar Pradesh, BJP has been wiped out from most of the states of the country. It will happen in the Lok Sabha also. If BJP wins in Uttar Pradesh, (unlikely), the credit will go to Yogi Maharaj and BJP MPs from Uttar Pradesh will sit on the opposition benches. While they (Modi-Shah) will have maximum Gujarat.” Shiv Sena said that India is bigger than Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat and the common people of that India are happy over the defeat of dictatorship. The people of Karnataka are intelligent. The real Operation Lotus has now happened in Karnataka. The same will happen at the national level as well.”


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