Karnataka Election Result 2023: From poisonous snake-Vishkanya to Bajrangbali’s victory…, know when and which leaders’ statements made Karnataka elections in headlines

Karnataka Election Result 2023: During the Karnataka assembly elections, many star leaders gave such statements, due to which this election attracted everyone’s attention.

Karnataka Election Result 2023: Counting of votes is underway for the Karnataka assembly election results. Leaders of all political parties made a lot of rhetoric for the 224-member assembly elections. The election campaign saw controversy over ‘poisonous snakes’ and ‘Bajrang Bali’ as well as ‘Tipu Sultan’.

The declining standard of campaigning has also attracted the attention of the Election Commission. It also issued an advisory to all political parties regarding their designated star campaigners to maintain the requisite level of dignity. Let us know when and which leaders made statements during the Karnataka election campaign. Due to which the Karnataka assembly elections were in limelight this time.

‘Poisonous snake’ to PM Modi

Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge had given a controversial statement on April 27 regarding PM Narendra Modi. In Karnataka’s Kalaburagi, he had said, “PM Modi is like a ‘poisonous snake’, you can think whether it is venom or not, if you lick it you will be killed.” After this statement of Kharge, BJP gave a sharp reaction. However, after the controversy over Kharge’s statement escalated, the Congress President had said that he had not given the statement regarding PM Modi. Rather gave a statement regarding the ideology of BJP.

BJP MLA compares Sonia Gandhi with ‘Vishkanya’

After Kharge’s remarks, BJP MLA from Karnataka and former Union Minister Basangouda Patil Yatnal gave a controversial statement regarding Sonia Gandhi. Yatnal compared former Congress national president Sonia Gandhi to “Vishkanya” at an election rally on April 29.

Yatnal had said, “The whole world appreciates Modi, but the Congress chief compares him with a poisonous snake.” Sonia Gandhi, on whom you dance, is Vishkanya? The BJP leader accused the former Congress national president of acting as an agent of China and Pakistan to destroy the country. After the comment on Sonia Gandhi, the Congress demanded the BJP to expel Yatnal from the party.

Congress wants to shut down Bajrangbali: PM Modi

The Congress in its declaration had said about Bajrang Dal that ‘we believe that the law and the Constitution are sacred and Bajrang Dal, PFI or any other person or organization like them (be it from the majority or the minority) is not allowed to spread enmity or hatred. cannot violate it. We will take decisive action as per law, which may include banning any such organization. When the manifesto was issued, it said that if Congress comes to power, such organizations may face strict action including ban.

After the Congress manifesto, PM Modi attacked the Congress, claiming that the party “wants to shut down those who chant Jai Bajrang Bali”. Addressing an election rally in Vijayanagar district, Modi had said, “I have come to the land of Hanuman.” It is my good fortune that I got the opportunity to bow down to Hanuman’s land, but see the misfortune that when I have come to pay respect to Hanuman’s land, at the same time Congress has decided to stop Hanuman ji in its manifesto.


Mandya: The district which was visited twice by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BJP seems to be losing all the seats there.

“First they (Congress) locked up Lord Ram and now they have vowed to lock up those who chant ‘Jai Bajrang Bali’,” Modi said. He said, “It is the country’s misfortune that the Congress had a problem with Lord Ram and now it has a problem with those who say ‘Jai Bajrang Bali’.”

Priyang Kharge called PM Modi ‘worthless son’

A few days after Mallikarjun Kharge’s “poisonous snake” statement, his son and Chittapur Congress candidate Priyank Kharge (sitting MLA) had said that when PM Modi came to Kalaburagi, he had said, “Aap sab dariye mat, Banjara community ka A son is sitting in Delhi. Priyang Kharag said that if such an unworthy son sits, then how will the house run.

Threats to kill Mallikarjun Kharge

On May 6, the Congress shared an audio clip purportedly of Manik Rathore, the BJP candidate from Chittapur constituency in Kalaburagi district. In which Manik Rathod was heard saying in Kannada that he would kill “Kharge, his wife and children”. Subsequently, the Rajasthan Police booked Rathod on charges of murder and criminal intimidation for his remarks.

‘Don’t make Muslim girls child-bearing machines’

Himanta Biswa Sarma addressed an election rally for the BJP at Shanivarasanthe Madikeri in Kodagu district of Karnataka. During this he had said that we have to bring Uniform Civil Code. More than four marriages are conducted for Muslim women and daughters. is this a system

Himanta had said that there should not be such a rule in the world. We have to end this system by implementing Uniform Civil Code. Muslim daughters should be made doctors and engineers, not child producing machines. BJP has promised to work on Uniform Civil Code if voted to power. I want to thank BJP for this.

Finish off Siddaramaiah like Tipu: CN Ashwath Narayan

Higher Education Minister Dr. CN Ashwath Narayan had given a statement in February. After which the dispute had arisen. The minister had said that former Karnataka Chief Minister and Congress leader Siddaramaiah should be finished off like the ruler of 18th century Mysore. Addressing a rally in Mandya, Narayan had said that if the BJP lost the Karnataka assembly elections, Siddaramaiah would come to power, praising Tipu. Ashwath Narayan said, “Tipu’s son Siddaramaiah will come… Do you want Tipu or Savarkar? Where should we send Tipu Sultan? What did Uri Gowda and Nanje Gowda do? Similarly, they should also be thrown out and sent away.”


From Jagadish Shettar to U.B. Banker Tak… What is the status of five high-profile leaders of Karnataka who have changed parties?

On the minister’s statement, Siddaramaiah said, “What is the meaning of eliminate Siddaramaiah?” A minister who should protect the people, is Ashwath Narayan right? Now what will PM Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah say? Attacking, killing and killing is the culture of the BJP.”

However, later Ashwath Narayan regretted his statement. Narayan said that his statement meant that we should ensure the defeat of the Congress in the next elections. I have no personal differences with Siddaramaiah. I only have political and ideological differences.

Love Jihad more important than civic issues: BJP Karnataka President

Earlier on January 2, BJP’s Karnataka state president Nalin Kateel had given a statement regarding Love Jihad. Kateel had said that party workers in the state should focus on the issue of “love jihad” instead of roads, drains and other minor issues ahead of the assembly elections to be held later this year. Kateel made these remarks during the BJP’s booth victory campaign for the cadre in Mangaluru. Kateel had said that I am asking you people – do not talk about minor issues like roads and sewage. He said that if we want to stop Love Jihad, then we will need BJP for this.


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