Karnataka Election Result 2023 … Neither ‘Bajrang Bali’ got support nor ‘double engine’ bet, where did BJP go wrong in Karnataka elections?

Karnataka Assembly Election 2023 Result, Chunav Parinam The biggest reason behind BJP’s defeat will be considered to ignore Yeddyurappa. Of course there have been allegations of corruption against him but he is a mass leader.

Karnataka Vidhan Sabha Chunav 2023 Results: In Karnataka elections, BJP could not overcome Congress even after wanting to. Despite this, when the slogan of the development of the double engine government did not seem to stop anywhere, PM Narendra Modi tried to make abuses an issue as well. That too did not work, so Bajrang Bali was also fielded. But when the counting started on Saturday, all the BJP’s bets were seen collapsing. Congress seems to be moving fast towards majority. In the assembly of 224, a majority figure of 113 is needed. Congress seats are visible beyond the majority since Saturday morning.

The BJP had started preparations for the Karnataka elections a long time ago. Hijab controversy started from Karnataka. Organizations like Bajrang Dal and VHP showed sharp attitude towards Hijab. After that it spread all over the world. The BJP thought that the Hijab controversy would sway Hindu voters to its side. But this did not appear to happen. Just before the elections, the Basavaraj government abolished the four per cent reservation given to Muslims. The matter reached the Supreme Court. But looking at the results, it does not seem that this bet of BJP has been of any use to it.

BJP’s South door will be closed with the defeat of Karnataka

Karnataka’s return to power holds significance for the BJP for several reasons. Out of the 5 big southern states Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, Karnataka is the only state where BJP has a mass base. BJP does not have mass base in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The RLS is struggling to make inroads in these states. But it doesn’t seem that he is getting any major success. In all the four states, BJP has not been able to form a strong team even after wanting to. If the power of Karnataka goes out of the hands of BJP, its Mission South will also get a big blow.

BJP has always had to ignore BS Yeddyurappa

BJP has been coming to power in Karnataka since 2007, but it is yet to get a clear majority in Karnataka. BJP had won 104 seats in 2018, 40 in 2013, 110 in 2008, 79 in 2004, 44 each in 1999 and 1994. Known as a Lingayat leader, Yeddyurappa has been a strength of the BJP in Karnataka. When he parted ways with BJP in 2013 BJP reduced to 40 seats Went. Needless to say that BS Yeddyurappa has had the biggest hand in the status of BJP in Karnataka so far. This time BS Yeddyurappa did not contest the election. He must have been involved in the campaign. But his denial of ticket sent a message at the lower level that the party was ignoring him. The biggest reason behind BJP’s defeat will be considered to be ignoring Yeddyurappa. Of course there have been allegations of corruption against him but he is a mass leader.

Congress saw Sanjivani in corruption, Rahul-Priyanka also mentioned 40%

The Congress began preparations in earnest to capture Karnataka. Party President DK Shivakumar made a direct attack on the issue of 40 percent commission of BJP leaders. Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi also understood the importance of this issue and fiercely made it an issue in election rallies. He knew that people are upset due to the corruption of BJP leaders and only this thing can take Congress to the top position of power. It seems from the results that the public was also troubled by the 40 per cent commission. This issue seems to have the biggest impact on the election results.

Leaders of the state became indifferent due to central interference, many left the party even after ticket distribution

When BS Yeddyurappa was removed from the CM’s chair, it was clear that the central leadership was angry with him. There was speculation behind the scenes that Yeddyurappa was reluctant to accept Delhi’s decision. That’s why they got upset with Modi-Shah’s pair. Because of this, he had to lose the CM ship. After him the command was handed over to Basavaraj Bommai. He was doing all the work on the behest of Delhi. The interference of Delhi in the politics of the state was not liked by the local leaders. After the ticket distribution, many said goodbye to the party for the same reason. He said that Basavaraj is CM in name only.


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