Karnataka Election Result: Magic of 7 percent vote share in Karnataka, Congress increased by more than 70 seats, see the figures if you do not believe

Congress has won a clear majority with 136 seats in the Karnataka assembly elections.

In the Karnataka Assembly Elections 2023, the Congress won 136 out of 224 seats, winning big. At the same time, BJP got 65 seats and JDS got 19 seats in Karnataka. In the results of the 2023 Karnataka elections, the BJP retained its overall 36 per cent vote share in the state but lost over 40 per cent of its current 116 seats in the assembly.

BJP got 65 seats with 36 percent vote share

The BJP won only 65 seats in the 2023 elections with a vote share of 36 per cent, in contrast to the 104 seats the party won in 2018 with the same vote share. The fact is that this vote share of BJP came from only two regions of Karnataka – Old Mysore and Bengaluru. Whereas, in 2018 elections this vote share was from everywhere. However, in South Karnataka, the BJP has eaten into the vote share of the JDS without winning any seats.

7% difference in vote share of Congress and BJP

A record 73 per cent polling was recorded this year. A look at the region-wise breakup of seats won by Congress, BJP and JDS in the Karnataka Assembly Election 2023 results shows that Congress increased its vote share from 38 per cent and 80 seats in 2018 to 43 per cent and 135 seats this year Have done While JDS won 19 seats, reducing its vote share from 18 per cent (37 seats) to 13 per cent. However, despite a difference of just seven per cent in the vote share of the Congress and the BJP, there has been a difference of 70 seats between the two parties.

Major victory of Congress due to victory in Mumbai Karnataka region and Central Karnataka

The major victory of the Congress came due to the victory in the Mumbai Karnataka region and Central Karnataka, which were BJP strongholds. Along with this, the Congress has always done well, with a landslide victory in Hyderabad, Karnataka. In the Old Mysore region, which was generally ruled by the JDS, the Congress waved its victory flag. The Mumbai Karnataka region is a Lingayat belt, where a large proportion (17 per cent) of the community reside. The Congress won 33 out of 50 seats in this region. In the 2018 results, the Congress had won only 16 seats in this part as against the BJP’s 31.

How many seats did BJP and Congress win in which region?

The Congress won 26 out of 40 seats in the 2023 elections in the Hyderabad Karnataka region, while the party won 21 seats in the region in 2018, while the BJP won 10, three less than in 2018. In the Central Karnataka region, the Congress won 19 out of 23 seats, an increase of seven seats over 2018, while the BJP’s tally went up to 4 from the 10 it won in 2018.

In the old Mysore region, the Congress put up an unprecedented performance by winning 43 out of 64 seats, 23 more than in 2018. The BJP lost 11 seats in the region and the JDS lost 12 seats from its 2018 tally. The BJP’s best performance has been in Bengaluru, where it won 15 out of 28 seats, unlike 2018. The BJP also suffered a slight loss in the Coastal Karnataka region where it won only 13 out of 19 seats as against 16 in 2018. The Congress this time won six seats in the region. The party got an increase of three seats as compared to 2018.


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