Karnataka Government Formation: ‘Deputy CM to become Muslim face in Karnataka’, Sunni Waqf Board also demands 5 ministerial posts from Congress

Karnataka Government Formation: With the landslide victory of the Congress in Karnataka, the Sunni Waqf Board has demanded the Congress to appoint a Muslim face as Deputy CM.

Karnataka Government Formation: With the thumping victory of the Congress in Karnataka, the churning has started for the Chief Minister’s post. DK Shivakumar and Siddaramaiah will meet the top leadership in Delhi today. Soon the situation will be clear as to who will take over as Chief Minister in Karnataka. Meanwhile, the Sunni Waqf Board has raised a new demand before the Congress. Muslim leaders of the Sunni Ulema Board have demanded from the Congress that the Deputy CM in Karnataka should be from the Muslim community. Not only this, there has also been a demand from the board to give many important ministerial posts to the Muslim community.

Ask for this important post

Karnataka Waqf Board Chairman Shafi Saadi said that we had already said before the elections that the Deputy CM should be from the Muslim community. He demanded that 5 Muslim MLAs should be included in the government. Not only this, Sadi demanded that these MLAs should be made ministers of other good departments like Home, Revenue, Health. Saadi said that before the elections, we had demanded Congress to give 30 seats to Muslim candidates. Congress fielded Muslim candidates on 15 seats, out of which 9 candidates have won.

The matter was done before the election – Saadi

Shafi Saadi said that Congress won 72 seats in Karnataka elections only because of Muslims. He said that now it becomes the responsibility of the Congress to thank us. He said that nine Muslim candidates have won, so now it is up to the Congress to decide to whom it will give ministerial post. He said that we had demanded this even before the elections.


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He said that we are only demanding the Deputy CM from the Congress. Till date there has been no Muslim CM in Karnataka. He said that we have demanded five Muslim ministers and one deputy CM from the Congress like SM Krishna’s tenure. He said that ideally there should be a Muslim chief minister as there has never been a Muslim chief minister in the history of Karnataka and nine million people in the state are Muslims.


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