Kathal Review: If you want to live in Mathura, then you have to say ‘Radhe-Radhe’… The story of the film is very serious, not a comedy.

Kathal Review: Kathal is a story that shows what power can do.

The title of the movie ‘Kathal’ suggested that it would be a tickle-tickler comedy, but the movie did not turn out like that. It is a sarcastic as well as a very serious film which presents the anomalies of our entire social, political system with the ground truth without any sloganeering or preaching. The film completely focuses on the police system, but it neither mocks the police nor shows its brutality.

According to one of the characters in the film, the police, which run by the Indian Penal Code, actually run by the Indian Political Code, this is the central theme of the film, around which the entire social environment is depicted.

Two jackfruits of foreign breed planted in the garden of an MLA are stolen and the entire police force is thrown into finding them. This incident has actually happened when jackfruits are stolen from an MP’s house, to find which the police exerts all their might. On the orders of the higher authority, the subordinate police officer says that if an FIR is written for jackfruit theft, then people will further report the theft of ridge gourd, ladyfinger. Despite this, the police officer under him not only has to write a report of jackfruit theft, but also puts all his strength in finding it. SP tells his subordinate officer to take as much force, Amla ammunition as needed, but find out the jackfruit, that too before ripening.


When Rajesh Khanna told Vinod Mehra the father of Moushumi Chatterjee’s child, the actress retaliated by taking the name of Dimple Kapadia

While searching for the jackfruit, it is found that the MLA’s gardener is missing. Here, when the gardener comes to the police station to report the missing of his young girl, he is closed. When Mahima takes out the file of missing girls, many such cases are registered in the file but no effort has been made to trace them. Mahima gets a statement from the gardener that the jackfruit was stolen by his daughter and she diverts the search for the jackfruit to the gardener’s girl. It also seems logical to all that in order to catch the theft of jackfruit, it is necessary to find the thief. This twist of the film seems very effective and relevant, which shows that even in a rotten system, if the officer wants, he can do a better job like finding a missing girl with his sensitivity and discretion. The film gives a message of new hope even while showing the anomalies of the system through this context.


He never cheated on me… Our choice was different, says Ashish Vidyarti’s ex-wife for the first time on second marriage

The film’s writer Ashok Mishra has established his expertise in screenwriting even after being trained in direction from NSD. Apart from writing for ‘Bharat Ki Khoj’ produced by Shyam Benegal, he has written screenplays and songs for many films like ‘Welcome to Sajjanpur’. He has been awarded the National Award and Kishore Kumar Samman for screenwriting.


Kangana Ranaut: When the girl went to the temple wearing shorts, Kangana Ranaut got angry, said – for fools…

As much as the spontaneity and departure in the screenplay of ‘Kathal’, its dialogues are equally sharp and sharp. Its hallmark can be seen only in one line of the song written by him. If you want to live in Mathura, then say Radhe-Radhe. This line makes serious sarcasm on the contemporary conditions on many grounds.



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