Khagaria: Cargo ship going to Khagaria stuck, preparation to break Pipa bridge, 10,000 people will face trouble due to breaking of bridge

Cargo Ship Going To Khagaria Stuck: Villagers say that if the Pipa bridge is removed, thousands of farmers will face problems.

Cargo Ship Going To Khagaria Stuck: The cargo ship coming from Kolkata got stuck in the river near Sankucha village near Vijay Ghat bridge of Navagachia. The main reason for which is the construction of Pipa bridge there. The cargo ship is standing there for the last 15 days. The ship was carrying construction material for the bridge being built over the Kosi river in Khagaria.

The situation is such that the cargo ship can no longer proceed until the pontoon bridge is removed. In this regard, the officer of the Inland Waterways Authority has met the District Magistrate and in the presence of the engineer of Bihar State Bridge Construction Corporation, it has been agreed to remove the Pipa bridge, but till when the bridge will be removed, it has not been decided yet.

Pipa bridge is the only support for the population of 10 thousand

At the same time, the question is also that if the Pipa bridge is removed from the Kosi river near Sakucha village, then the common man as well as the farmers will have to face a lot of problems, because Pipa bridge is the main road for the population of about 10,000 in this area. There is a support. This makes it easier for the farmers to do farming. On the other hand, there are thousands of acres of farmers’ fields across the Kosi and through this bridge, the farmers take the food grains without any reason.

Let me tell you, every year the Pipa bridge is removed in view of the floods. The bridge is rebuilt after the water recedes in October, but the Inland Waterways Authority was not aware of this. That is why the cargo ship got stuck there. While giving the information, Inland Waterways Authority’s officer Parvez said that the district administration has been informed about this. There is a possibility of proper initiative in this direction soon.

Possibility of accident due to removal of Pipa bridge

The villagers have to say that if the Pipa bridge is removed, then people will be able to cross the river only with the help of dinghy and boat. In such a situation, the possibility of an accident will remain. The daily routine of about three thousand people is related to the other side of Kosi.


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