Khesari Lal’s ‘Tattoo Girl’, once refused to recognize Pawan Singh, now dances on his songs

Khesari Lal Tattoo girl Somya Pokhrel Video: Soumya Pokhrel, a crazy fan of Khesari Lal Yadav, once refused to recognize Pawan Singh. After this there was a lot of uproar.

Bhojpuri actor Khesari Lal Yadav’s fan following is not only in the country but also abroad. His songs and films are not only seen in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, but people in Nepal also listen and watch a lot. It is often seen that Bhojpuri films are also shot a lot in Nepal. In such a situation, you will remember his crazy fan Soumya Pokhrel from Nepal. This is the same actress from Nepal, who is also known as Tattoo Girl. He has also done a music video with Khesari. He created a lot of ruckus in the industry regarding Pawan Singh. Had refused to recognize Powerstar and now she makes reel videos on his songs.

Actually, Khesari Lal Yadav’s tattoo girl (Khesari Lal Yadav Tattoo girl) i.e. Saumya Pokhrel is a huge fan of Bhojpuri star. He has tattooed the picture of the actor on his hand. When Khesari had arrived in Nepal to attend an event, he met Soumya. She wept bitterly after meeting him. After this, he also shot a video with the trending star. Meanwhile, after coming to the limelight, he refused to recognize Pawan Singh, after which social media users lashed out at him and also abused him. When Khesari came in his support, he also had to face trolls.

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Now Soumya makes a lot of reels on Pawan Singh’s songs

Saumya is no longer seen in Bhojpuri. She disappeared after performing the song ‘Hardi Lage Jaan Ke’ with the actor. But remains very active on social media. The actress who refused to recognize Pawan Singh (Khesari Lal Yadav-Pawan Singh Controversy) today makes a lot of reel videos on Powerstar songs. At the same time, Pawan’s fans do not hold back from trolling him. The actress has impressed the fans with her amazing dance moves on her latest dance video Pawan Singh’s song ‘Piyar Farak Wali’. In such a situation, people are reminding him of his old statement as well as making lewd comments. One wrote, ‘Soumya Pokharel ji has now known her brother, I don’t know who Pawan is, you have recognized your brother, haven’t you?’ This is how people are trolling fiercely.


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Pawan Singh and Khesari’s dispute got air because of Saumya!

The dispute between Khesari and Pawan Singh (Pawan Singh Vivad) had deepened even more because of Soumya. As if a statement of Soumya had brought an earthquake. When people were abusing and threatening the actress, Khesari came in her support and gave a befitting reply by reminding people of his family. However, as soon as the trending star came in his support, his opposition deepened. People also abused him. Bad things were written for the family and the daughter. After this, the distance between the two stars increased and the war of words continued at the event and on social media. In the end, their dispute had reached manhood.


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