Kirti Azad tweet on PM Modi

Kirti Azad Tweet on PM Modi: Trinamool leader Kirti Azad has deleted her tweet on Prime Minister Modi’s dress after protests.

Kirti Azad Tweet on PM Modi : Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa has reacted sharply to Kirti Azad’s statement related to Prime Minister Modi’s dress during a meeting in Meghalaya. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was recently seen in the traditional costumes of the Khasi community during his visit to Meghalaya.

Former cricketer and Trinamool leader Kirti Azad commented on Prime Minister Modi’s outfit that what he wore on the occasion was a women’s outfit. Kirti Azad has now deleted her tweet after protest.

Himanta Biswa lashed out at Kirti Azad

Hemant Biswa has termed Kirti Azad’s statement as an insult to the culture of Meghalaya. Kirti Azad tweeted that it is sad to see how the culture of Meghalaya is being disrespected and our tribal dress is being mocked. He further wrote that TMC should immediately clarify whether they support Kirti Azad’s views? His silence would be tantamount to tacit support. People will not forgive them.

Kirti Azad said “I did not disrespect”

Kirti Azad has deleted her tweet. Kirti Azad said that she did not intend to insult the dress and was just trying to point out PM Modi’s ‘fashion statement’ that he never misses out on.

humiliation of tribal society

Describing this tweet of Kirti Azad as against the culture of Scheduled Tribes, BJP’s Rajya Sabha MP Sameer Oraon said that it is an insult to the tribal society, which the tribal society of India will not tolerate at all.


Kirti Azad: Kirti Azad targets Amit Shah and many other BJP MPs amid ruckus over saffron

If they do not know, then get some knowledge that this is the tribal dress of Meghalaya, which is being honored by respected Prime Minister Narendra Modi by wearing it. You are disrespecting this tribal dress. You and your party have a history of hatred towards tribals.


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