Kumar Vishwas furious over Madhya Pradesh incident, tweet goes viral

The video of a BJP MLA representing a person urinating on a mentally challenged person has gone viral.

An incident of shame to humanity has come to the fore directly from Madhya Pradesh. Here a person representing a BJP MLA was found urinating on a mentally challenged person. He was under the influence of alcohol and someone made a video of it. After the video went viral, there was an uproar in the politics of Madhya Pradesh and people started demanding strict action against the accused. However, now the accused Pravesh Shukla is in police custody.

Video of accused Pravesh Shukla went viral

When the video of Pravesh Shukla went viral on social media, there were demands for his arrest. The person was also arrested. The Chief Minister has given instructions for strict action. After the arrest of Pravesh Shukla, a video has surfaced in which the policemen are taking him away. Poet Kumar Vishwas has given a sharp reaction to this incident.

Kumar Vishwas said this

Kumar Vishwas tweeted, “This arrogance based on caste-wealth-power and political influence has urinated not only on this man but on the government-exhibition of our seventy-five year old so-called egalitarian society. As a democratic and civilized society, if we are not ashamed and worried about such tendencies, then we are also sick.


BJP MLA gave clarification

On the other hand, BJP MLA Kedarnath Shukla says, “A video is going viral on social media in which a person is being described as my representative, that person is neither an office bearer of BJP nor my MLA representative. Have nothing to do with that person.”


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On the other hand, Sidhi police said, “Taking seriously the video going viral on social media in which a person is urinating on the person sitting in front of him while smoking a cigarette, verifying the video, a case has been registered against the accused Pravesh Shukla, a resident of Kubri. The. The case has been registered under the V. and ST / SC Act. NSA action is being taken.” Please tell that Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan had tweeted about strict action.


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