Lady worker was beaten up by a car rider for asking for toll, the act was captured in CCTV; watch video

It is visible in the video that the car rider entered the cabin of the female toll worker and assaulted the female toll worker, threatened and pulled her hair down.

A video of a woman assaulting a female toll worker at a toll plaza in Greater Noida is going viral on social media. The domineering woman misbehaved and assaulted the female toll worker. In the viral video, another woman is seen misbehaving with the toll worker by entering the cabin.

Woman’s bullying on toll

It is seen in the video that the car rider entered the cabin of the female toll worker and assaulted, threatened and pulled the female toll worker down by her hair. Now a complaint has been given against the woman in Dadri Kotwali on behalf of the toll manager regarding this matter. The incident happened on Monday 17th July.

Woman thrashed, video going viral

It was told that along with a woman and a young man, she reaches the toll by riding in a car. Describing himself as local, he talked about making it toll free, on which ID was asked from the toll worker. The woman in the car misbehaved and assaulted the toll worker for not being toll free. The entire incident has been captured in the CCTV camera installed there.

People’s reactions to the viral video

@s_afreen7 user wrote, ‘When asked for toll tax, the car rider barged into the cabin of the toll worker and threw her down from the chair by holding her hair. Let’s see whether action is taken against the domineering woman or not?’ Another user wrote, ‘Such women should answer toll workers in their own language.’ Another wrote, ‘The toll worker woman could have answered this but somewhere she must be thinking of her family, if I fight then I can be fired or maybe there can be some other reason?’


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On the other hand, after the video went viral, the Noida Police has said that in the above case, the accused woman has been taken into custody after registering the charges by the Police Station Dadri. Advance legal action is being taken as per rules.


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