Lakhpati became an insolent monkey in Rampur, ran away after taking out a bag containing one and a half lakh rupees kept in the bike

In the coming days, monkeys roam around in houses, shops and roads and carry out one incident or the other. The local administration says that help has been sought from the Forest Department to get rid of the monkeys.

In Shahabad, Rampur, Uttar Pradesh, a monkey did such an act that people were shocked. A monkey took out the bag kept in the bike of a person who had come to get the land deed in the tehsil and went and sat on a tree. There were one and a half lakh rupees in the bag. Coincidentally someone saw this incident and made a video. When the bike owner came to know about this, he got upset and started pleading with the people to catch the monkey.

The bag and money belonged to the person who got the deed

In fact, on Tuesday, Abrar Hussain, a resident of Jildaran, had come to Tehsil to get the deed of some land. He went inside keeping the bag containing Rs 1.5 lakh in the motorcycle. Meanwhile, a monkey came and took out the bag from the bike and ran away. When Abrar came out, he got upset seeing the bag missing. When he asked people around, someone told about the monkey. However, the monkey was not seen there. After much searching, the monkey was seen sitting on a nearby tree with the bag.

got money back after hard work

After a lot of effort, the monkey could be brought down from the tree and the bag was found. Abrar was lucky that the monkey had not made any money disappear from the bag. One and a half lakh rupees were safe in it. After this Abrar Hussain came to life.


Farmers found a new way to drive away monkeys in UP, sitting in the fields like bears, photo viral

The local people are quite worried about the monkeys coming there these days. In the coming days, monkeys keep roaming in houses, shops and streets and carry out one or the other incident. The local administration says that help has been sought from the Forest Department to get rid of the monkeys.

Recently a langur was caught in Madhya Pradesh. He used to jump suddenly from the trees and pounce on people. Many people were injured due to this. The fear of langur had become so much that people used to stand guard on the roofs with guns. Teams from several districts were deployed to catch the langur. Not only this, a reward of 21 thousand rupees was declared on the langur by the administration.


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