Land prices skyrocketed due to the construction of Ram temple

As soon as the construction of Ram temple started in Ayodhya, the value of the surrounding land has increased many folds.

The land which was worth 3.25 lakh Biswa in 2012 on the Panchkosi Parikrama Marg around Ayodhya, has now become worth about 40 to 50 lakh rupees in Biswa. At the same time, the prices of land in Shahnawajpur Majha Barehata village adjacent to Parikrama Marg are also skyrocketing.

In fact, from the employees of the Revenue Department to the officers, some land has been bought here in the name of their families and relatives, many of these officers have also been transferred from here. Housing development in Majha Barehta and Shahnawajpur wants to buy land on a large scale, for which it is paying Rs 600,000 biswa at the government rate.

The farmers of both the villages are trying to do farming by giving land for housing development and going to a far away village to buy arable land, most of which have also been successful. The area of ​​the Ayodhya Development Authority is up to Nawabganj municipality of Gonda district, in such a situation the prices of land on the northern bank of Saryu river have also increased. The price of land has suddenly increased in the areas falling within the boundaries of Gonda and Basti districts even after the ring road proposed by the government.

With the possibility of setting up Rishikesh’s Swarg Ashram on the lines of Swarg Ashram, the crowd of people building big ashrams and big hotels has increased in Gonda district and they are looking for land. Similarly, the price of land has increased on both sides till Makhora Dham in Basti district. At present, the sale is being done at the rate of two and a half thousand square feet and on Makhora Dham road, land has been sold on both sides of the road for 7 kilometers or construction work is going on.

Similarly, the prices of land along the road leading to Ambedkar Nagar have also increased a lot. Due to the Ayodhya Development Authority’s boundary till the entire market, there has been a huge increase in prices in this area as well. Due to the commencement of the construction of four-lane from Naya Ghat in Ayodhya to Dashrath Samadhi near Sarai Rashi, the land which used to be available for Rs 100,000 in Majha area is now being sold for Rs 200,0000.

On the other hand, due to acquisition of land for the construction of ring road around Ayodhya, the prices of adjacent lands have increased. On finding the land inside the Panchkosi Parikrama Marg of Ayodhya, the land which is also disputed is related to the land mafia.

Cases related to Ayodhya are registered against about a dozen land mafia in Ayodhya Kotwali and Ram Janmabhoomi police station area. Settlement agreements have also been reached in many cases. As soon as the construction of the temple started, the Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust had also started the process of buying and selling land, but it ended due to controversies. The land which Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust had bought from Rano Pali on both sides of the road to Vidya Kund, today that land has reached billions of rupees after becoming the second gate of the railway station.

The price of land is skyrocketing on both sides of the road leading to the Ram Janmabhoomi complex, and there is no one to sell the land at any cost. The number of people building Hotel Dharamshala Ashram in Ayodhya Dham has also increased. He is looking for land on the northern bank of the Saryu river. Most of the land has also been sold, the cost of which is in crores, in the northern part of Saryu, many hotels are being built and running on Basti Gorakhpur Road and land of many is proposed.

Vasudev Singh of village Sarai Rashi says that the prices of those lands have also increased in Majha which used to have no takers. He says that due to the construction of the temple in Ayodhya Dham, the prices have increased by 15 to 20 times in this area also. Similarly, from Naya Ghat to booth number 4 on 14 Kosi Parikrama Marg and from Ayodhya via Darshan Nagar to Achari’s Sagara, the land prices are skyrocketing on both sides.

Big colonies are being drawn near Sagara of Achari and land is being sold at exorbitant prices. Gagan Achari says that as soon as the construction of the temple started, there has been a huge increase in the price of the land, which was earlier available at cheap prices, now it is available at about 15 to 20 times more than that.

In Ayodhya, the government is in the process of acquiring 1400 acres of land for Navya Ayodhya, in which guest houses, hotels, dharamshalas etc. of various state governments will also be constructed. The vast area west of Ayodhya and south of Saryu river has been declared as submergence area, the sale of which has been banned.

Even houses and schools have been built at many places. The proposal for the construction of Sita lake is also under consideration in this area. These days the price of land in Ayodhya Municipal Corporation area has gone up from Rs.2500 to Rs.3000 per Vishwa. Due to the commencement of widening work of 13 km road from Sahadat Ganj to Naya Ghat, houses and shops of these people are getting affected, they are also searching for land very fast.

Due to construction of four lane road from Shringar Haat to Ram Janmabhoomi complex and Birla Mandir to Ram Janmabhoomi complex in Ayodhya, many people are becoming homeless due to which they also need land. They are forced to buy land at high prices. Overall, buying land in Ayodhya Dham has become a difficult task.


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