Lappu Sa Sachin Hai, Jhingur Sa Boy, Seema Have you heard this song about Sachin’s love story?

Recently, the song composed by music producer Yash Raj Mukhate has gone increasingly viral. In fact, he added a musical touch to Sachin’s conversation with his neighbor’s media, which recently made headlines.
The name of Seema Haider, who fell in love with Indian Sachin Meena while playing PUBG while in Pakistan, has been the talk of the town for days. Seema fell in love with Sachin to the point of leaving everything behind and coming to India with Sachin. People have their own opinions about this cinematic love story. In a media interview, Sachin’s neighbor’s comments about Seema went viral. He said such angry things about Seema, in a cutting voice, that memes began to be created about him.
Yashraj Mukhate made – Lappu sa Sachin… In the video that went viral, Sachin’s neighbor had said, “Sachin… what’s in Sachin…. “. Lappu’s Sachin is… he’s a boy who looks like a cricketer… he talks…”. … What’s in Sachin… Seema will love him”. Thousands of memes have been created about this video of the woman. In the midst of it all, one wondered ‘who was in the kitchen’. music producer Yashraj Mukhate composed a song on this theme, which is fast going viral.

It’s addictive… it’s worth listening to all the time’.

This song by Yash Raj Mukhate has been viewed over 20,000 times so far, and people are really enjoying it. Yash Raj has made the song fun by adding great music to the dialogue. People are commenting a lot on the video of Yash Raj’s song. They write: “I can’t believe you put a musical tadka even in a dialogue delivered in such an irritating voice”. At the same time, many people wrote: “It’s addictive, to listen to continuously for 15 minutes.


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