Letters to Editor- Chaupal: Heavy threat to life and property due to rains and landslides

In view of the heat in the Arabian Sea, the possibility of heavy rain is being expressed.

The devastating floods in northern India have drawn attention to the dynamics of climate change, urbanization and infrastructure failures ravaging India’s major cities. Landslides and landslides triggered by prolonged rains will pose a serious threat to life and property. There is flooding in Delhi, a city not usually associated with rain, and that has drawn nationwide attention to the disaster that is to come.

Given the warming trend in the Arctic as well as the Arabian Sea, the increased likelihood of heavy rains means that there will be many more flood events in the future. While urban flooding is becoming common in Bangalore, Chennai and Mumbai. Delhi should not consider itself safe, as its population and infrastructure needs are only going to grow.

Just as the National Capital Region has developed a common management strategy to combat air pollution, recognizing that clean air is interdependent on the action of all cities, these states have set aside their differences to come up with a joint strategy to deal with future floods.
MT Farooqui, Mumbai.

new star

Alcarez ushered in a new era by defeating veteran Djokovic in five sets in the second longest final in Wimbledon history. Djokovic fans may be disappointed, but there is no doubt that a new star has risen and Spanish Alcarez has passed on the torch from his countryman, Rafael Nadal.

To further enhance their tradition. The way Djokovic fought back until the fifth set, he proved why he is the most Grand Slam winner in the world. Djokovic and Alcarez have both achieved the world number one ranking this year and the high level of competition between them is a welcome sign for the sport of tennis. Alcarez can be expected to continue to enthrall the spectators with his excellent game and play his role in taking men’s tennis forward after Nadal, Federer and Djokovic.
Bal Govind, Sector- 44, Noida.

success holiday

India’s upcoming lunar mission Chandrayaan-3 is of immense importance to both the country and the international space community. With a focus on demonstrating capabilities to safely land on the lunar surface and orbit around it, Chandrayaan-3 will mark an important milestone in India’s space programme.

By demonstrating its ability to land on the Moon and roam there, India will establish itself as a leading player in space exploration. This mission will not only build on the achievements of Chandrayaan-2, but also strengthen India’s position as a reliable and capable partner for future international space cooperation.

Internationally, Chandrayaan-3 is of great importance for the global space platform. India’s active participation in lunar exploration enhances the collective knowledge and understanding of the lunar surface. The scientific payloads on the lander and rover will perform experiments that will contribute valuable data and insights, leading to international collaboration and progress in lunar research.

In addition, Chandrayaan-3 will provide a platform for India to showcase its commitment to space exploration beyond Earth. By demonstrating its capabilities in interplanetary missions, India will position itself as an important player in the future of space exploration and possible manned missions to the Moon.
Avnish Kumar Gupta, Azamgarh, U.P.

politics and crime

Due to the weak policies of electoral reform, it is now becoming normal for people with criminal image to become leaders in politics. Such examples come to the fore every day when a criminal jumps into the election fray by making politics his security shield. According to a report by the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR), forty percent of the legislators in various state assemblies of the country are from criminal background. Twenty-eight percent of these MLAs are guilty of serious crimes. This figure is his self-declared.

Delhi is also in a bad condition in this matter, which ranks third in the country in terms of MLAs with criminal background and first in terms of MLAs with serious crimes. Don’t understand why people with criminal background are not being stopped from contesting elections. What is the compulsion that even a self-proclaimed criminal cannot be stopped from contesting elections? Besides, the least that can be done is to prevent any person from contesting elections from more than one seat.
Narendra Tonk, Meerut.

marquee of convenience

Read ‘Camel of Maharashtra’ (Editorial, July 17). Parallel to the Chief Minister in Maharashtra, Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar also has a lot of influence. This is the reason why in the cabinet of first Uddhav Thackeray and then Eknath Shinde, not only did he get the department of his choice, but his colleagues also got the department as per their wish. But it should be kept in mind that if the influence of the Deputy Chief Minister affects the decisions of the Chief Minister, then it will only increase the difficulties in the works of public interest.
BL Sharma ‘Akinchan’, Ujjain, MP.


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