LG did not give the license, then the lawyer reached the High Court, said- I am a criminal lawyer, I want a gun… the court gave such a decision

Who can take arms license, where to apply? Know what the Arms Act says about this…

The Delhi High Court has observed that a lawyer is not entitled to seek arms license on the ground that he is fighting a criminal case. Justice Pratibha M. Singh said that if all criminal lawyers start demanding arms licenses in this way, then licenses will have to be issued indiscriminately. The High Court was hearing the petition of Advocate Shiv Kumar. In the petition, he challenged the order of the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi, in which his application for an arms license was rejected.

What did the High Court say?

During the arguments in the Delhi High Court, the advocate cited two judgments and said that if there is no ground to reject under Article 14 of the Arms Act, then the license has to be issued. On this, Justice Pratibha M. Singh said that the license issuing authority has to assess the danger. The reasons given by the applicant have to be investigated and on this basis the license is issued. In this case, appearing in criminal trial is not a ground for license of arms.

Who can take arms license? (Gun License Eligibility)

According to the Arms Act 1959 (Arms Act 1959), any person who is a citizen of India and his age is 21 years or more can apply for a license. The applicant should neither have any criminal case registered nor any criminal record. Along with this, it is also necessary to be physically and mentally healthy.

Where do you get arms license? (Gun License Application)

For arms license, one has to apply in the Arms License Department of the concerned District Magistrate or Commissioner’s Office. After the application, its copy is sent to the SSP or Police Commissionerate office of the concerned district and from here the copy goes to the concerned police station. Along with this, the District Crime Records Bureau is also sent. So that it can be ascertained whether there is any FIR or criminal history on the concerned applicant.

gun license, gun license process
License process. Source- https://www.indiacode.nic.in/

What information has to be given in the application?

In the application, it has to be clearly stated that why do you need an arms license? Who is in danger of life and why. In the application form, it is also to be told that which type of arms license is wanted. Along with this, documents like address proof, identity card, age certificate, character certificate, income certificate, medical certificate are also to be submitted.

License is given only on the basis of police report.

The DM or the concerned officer issues the license only on the basis of the police report. After approval, the license fee has to be deposited, which varies from state to state. Weapons can be purchased after the license is issued. After this again the district administration matches the license and weapon and enters it in its records. License renewal also has to be done every 5 years.

Arms License Eligibility
When a license may be refused.

bullets have to be accounted for

Along with the license, a complete account of the bullets also has to be kept. The administration sets a quota and can keep as many bullets. While buying the pill, you have to give full account of where it was spent.

When can arms license be cancelled?

The District Administration or the competent authority also has the right to cancel the license. According to the Arms Act, the license can be canceled in case of intimidation, hunting or entertainment, joy firing, showing status and inappropriate use. Apart from this, due to the fear of election or public order, the administration can also get weapons deposited.


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