License 27 in Amethi, more than 500 illegal pathology centers are running, minister’s instructions also not working

Common people are being cheated in the name of pathological investigation in the district.

More than 500 illegal pathology centers are running in Amethi. But there is absolutely no fear of the administration and the government on those running illegal pathology testing centres. Due to which illegal pathology centers are running openly by putting up big boards.

While there is no lab technician at these testing centers. Still the test report is available in half an hour. Due to which the common people do the work from drawing the blood of the patients coming to the examination. The work of investigation is of the lab technician. But the lab technician is not at any illegal pathology center. Due to which small children work from drawing blood to checking on the machine. On this, Chief Medical Superintendent Dr. Vimalendra Shekhar told that most of the pathology centers are running illegally in Amethi district. But it is the work of the administration from investigation to prosecution and closure. But the administration does not conduct raids.

Due to which the number of illegal pathology centers is increasing. This is the reason why common people are being cheated in the name of investigation. He said that only 27 pathology centers are registered in Amethi district. In this, 10 pathology centers are authorized for investigation. Rest 17 pathology is valid for sampling only. But they also check. The rest are running illegally.

Deputy Chief Minister Brajesh Pathak, during a zoom meeting on 18 December 2022, instructed all the Chief Medical Superintendents and Health Department officials of Uttar Pradesh that illegal pathology centers have been opened in all the districts of Uttar Pradesh. Mark them with immediate effect and get them closed. Send the list of remaining illegal pathology centers, illegal nursing homes, illegal hospitals, medical stores and quack doctors to the government. But it is said that the officers sent the list of registered pathology centers only.

Dr. Ram Prasad has been appointed as the nodal officer for the closure of illegal pathology centers. For this, the driver and the rest of the resources have been given. Have been discharged from seeing patients in the hospital and sitting in the OPD. Nodal Officer Ramprasad has been posted in Amethi for a very long time. No result of this responsibility given to him is yet to be seen. When talked to him about this, he said that 27 valid pathology centers are running in Amethi district. Legal action will definitely be taken if there is any complaint regarding running of illegal pathology center.

In Amethi district, about 5000 tests are done daily. Even normal tests are not less than five hundred rupees. The biggest game in this is to get the investigation done outside. They charge Rs 1000 for checking Rs 100. There is no rate list at any pathology test center. From which they charge the asking price. The rest don’t know the rate.

Amethi has a population of around 25 lakhs. For such a population, 48 government hospitals have been opened. After this there are more than 100 hospitals including homeopathic and ayurvedic. Ten to fifteen pathology test centers have opened near each hospital. Apart from this, all legal and illegal nursing homes have their own separate pathology centers. BJP leader Gyan Singh said that he had complained about illegal pathology to former Health Minister Jai Pratap Singh. But no action was taken.


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