Lok Sabha Elections: Even if the opposition unites, will these 3 big questions trouble you? hard to find answers

The biggest question for the opposition parties is that whom they should field as candidates against PM Modi in the coming Lok Sabha elections and most importantly, will they be able to agree on a name.

The first meeting of the opposition parties was held on 23 June in Patna, the capital of Bihar. After this it was announced that the second meeting would be held soon. Today i.e. July 17 and tomorrow (July 18) the second meeting of opposition leaders is to be held in Bengaluru. Opposition parties will chalk out a strategy to fight the NDA led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, but there are three important questions that are troubling the opposition and finding answers to them is quite difficult.

Who is the face of the opposition?

The biggest question for the opposition parties is that whom they should field as candidates against PM Modi in the coming Lok Sabha elections and most importantly, will they be able to agree on a name. The biggest thing is that the opinion of the opposition parties is not the same on this issue. Recently, when a meeting was held in Patna, there was a lot of discussion on this issue. However, jokingly, Lalu Prasad Yadav had said that Rahul Gandhi should be the bridegroom. Many meanings were derived from his statement, but Nitish Kumar is also a contender for the post of Prime Minister. Although he has always denied this. But the opposition parties are not able to agree on any one name.

Later news comes that the Ajit Pawar faction rebelled against the NCP because Rahul Gandhi’s name was put forward for the post of Prime Minister in the meeting of the opposition parties. While they want that Sharad Pawar is a big leader of the country and his name should come forward for this. Aam Aadmi Party leaders have also said many times that Arvind Kejriwal is becoming popular in the country and he can emerge as a good candidate against PM Modi.


Despite being united, there is lack of unity in thoughts, seat-sharing and face-to-face issue, what is the purpose of opposition meeting 2.0?

Dialogue between parties on different issues?

The second biggest problem of the opposition is that there is no uniform communication between the parties on different issues. In fact, according to sources, news had come that many leaders wanted to give a name to the group of opposition parties, but many parties did not agree on it. Some parties feel that it is too early to give a formal name and it will raise doubts about the objective.

At the same time, the opinion of all the parties seems to be divided regarding preparing a common program among the parties. All the parties want that they should fight the elections unitedly, but the strategy should be different in different states and the strong regional parties there should make strategy according to their own.

Congress and TMC are seen together for the meeting of opposition parties, but in Bengal, there is fierce accusation and counter-allegation going on between the two parties. The state Congress unit is attacking the TMC over the violence in the Bengal panchayat elections. On the other hand, action has been taken against many Congress leaders in Punjab in recent times, for which the Congress leaders have targeted the Aam Aadmi Party. It is clear that there is a lot of ruckus between the Aam Aadmi Party and the Congress in Punjab. Even in Delhi, the state leaders of the Congress do not want an alliance with the Aam Aadmi Party and constantly target Arvind Kejriwal.

There is no talk about seat sharing

The biggest issue before the opposition parties is about seat sharing. Actually Congress is the national party and its presence is in almost every state. But in many north Indian states, the Congress has become very weak and regional parties dominate there. A few weeks ago an article was written in Saamana that the opposition is preparing to field a common candidate for 450 seats. Which means all the parties participating in this meeting will have only one candidate for 450 seats, but it is not that easy either.

According to sources, Aam Aadmi Party has already said that Congress should leave Delhi and Punjab, only then it will leave Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh for it. Whereas in Uttar Pradesh, two big regional parties SP and BSP are fighting separate elections. Although BSP is not participating in the meeting of the opposition. The NCP has now split in Maharashtra and the Ajit Pawar faction has emerged. It will be very difficult for the opposition to put up a common candidate in any one state. That’s why the matter regarding seat sharing is also stuck.


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