Madhya Pradesh: Know who is the narrator Richa Goswami, on whose power Congress is playing the Hindutva card

The Congress has decided to conduct recitation of Sunderkand and Bhagavad Gita in all the 230 state assemblies before the elections in Madhya Pradesh.

For victory in the Madhya Pradesh elections, the Congress seems to be moving ahead on the path of the Bharatiya Janata Party. Adopting the BJP’s Hindutva formula, the party is going to conduct Sunderkand and Bhagavad Gita recitations in 230 assembly seats of the state. This marks the beginning of the party’s campaign to win the Madhya Pradesh assembly elections due in late 2023 where narrator Richa Goswami is one of the most powerful weapons of the Congress.

108 Sunderkand lessons in 230 assemblies

State president of Congress’s religion and festival cell, Richa Goswami told that we will recite 108 Sunderkand in 230 assemblies. Along with this, Shrimad Bhagwat Katha will be organized at big places. Apart from this, Shivpuran will also be organized. 32-year-old Richa Goswami says that my job is not to seek votes from the people but to bring Rasleela and Bhagavad Katha to every area of ​​the state.

Congress believes in religion, not show off – Richa Goswami

Recently, when Kamal Nath promised LPG cylinders along with monthly assistance of Rs 1,500 to women as part of the Nari Samman scheme, Richa Goswami started the event with a recitation of Sunderkand from the Ramayana . Speaking to The Indian Express, Richa said, “People say Congress does not believe in religion. I know party leaders personally, they believe in religion but they have never believed in showing it.”

She says that now there is a religious awakening in the Congress and my job is to explain this to the people and expose those who claim to be supporters of Hindutva.

Richa started learning story lessons at the age of 5

Originally from Indore, Richa Goswami grew up in one of her family’s ashrams in Amarkantak. His father is a teacher of Sanskrit grammar and his mother is a lawyer. Richa says that from an early age she was introduced to storytellers, who were trained by her father while delivering discourses at the Amareshwar Mahadev Temple.

Richa Goswami says that by the age of 5 she started learning katha lessons and by the age of 10 was expert in at least a hundred of them. Richa says that despite being a science student till Class 12 with an ambition of becoming an engineer, she eventually decided to pursue the field as per her family’s wishes.


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Attacks BJP through YouTube channel

After graduating from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Vedic University, Richa Goswami claims to have delivered over 650 sermons and set a record of reciting Shrimad Devi Bhagwat Mahapuran for 108 hours straight in the year 2022. Richa now uses her YouTube channel to attack the BJP. She calls them blind bhakts who follow rituals without knowing about their significance and hooligans who spread hatred in the name of religion. Richa questions what the Shivraj Singh Chouhan-led BJP government has done for cow protection.

We do not discriminate between Hindu-Muslim

Richa Goswami told The Indian Express, “Hinduism does not mean that you pick up a stick and start beating people just because they do not agree with you. Before Hinduism, there was Vedic Sanatan Dharma. We accept all religions. We do not discriminate between Hindus and Muslims. I believe in the ideology of Mahatma Gandhi and want to convey this message to the people that this is the ideology of the Congress.”


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