Maharashtra NCP Crisis: Which MLA with whom? Both factions of NCP will show strength today, double whip issued before the meeting

Maharashtra NCP Crisis Updates: Sharad Pawar and Ajit Pawar have called a meeting of their respective camps in Maharashtra today. A whip has also been issued regarding this meeting.

Today is a very important day in the politics of Maharashtra. Which MLA is with which group, it will be clear in the meeting to be held today. Sharad Pawar and Ajit Pawar faction of NCP has called a meeting on Wednesday. Meeting of Sharad Pawar Yashwant Rao Chavan Pratishthan and Ajit Pawar faction is to be held at MET Bandra. Sharad Pawar has issued a ‘whip’ to all the MLAs asking them to be present. This meeting is being seen as a show of strength. Significantly, on Tuesday, Ajit Pawar inaugurated the new office of Maharashtra NCP. Sharad Pawar’s photo was also displayed in this office. Ajit Pawar has also called the party’s MPs and MLAs to MLCs and all office bearers in the meeting.

How many MLAs with which camp

In the meeting to be held today, a whip has been issued by both the camps. On behalf of the Sharad Pawar camp, Chief Whip Jitendra Ahwad has issued a whip. All the MLAs have been asked to be present for the meeting to be held at YB Chavan Centre. At the same time, the Ajit Pawar camp has also issued a whip. Please inform that NCP has a total of 54 MLAs in the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly. Ajit Pawar needs at least 36-37 MLAs to break the party or be recognized as a separate faction under the Representation of the People Act. Ajit Pawar claimed that he had 42 MLAs with him.

Sources, on the other hand, say that sources involved in Ajit Pawar’s swearing-in ceremony claim that apart from the 9 MLAs of NCP who took oath at the Raj Bhavan, 23 MLAs were also present there. That is, their total number is 32, which is less than two-thirds of the number required for tut. In this too, 2 MLAs Makrand Patil and Balasaheb Patil have returned to Sharad Pawar.


What will happen in Maharashtra now? Understand in 5 points, both uncle and nephew called a meeting

What is whip?

Whenever a meeting is called on behalf of the party on a particular issue or there are important matters like floor test in the House or opposition or support of a bill, the party issues a whip to its MLAs. Actually whip is issued to prevent MLAs from cross voting. Whip is an official of any political party, whose job is to ensure party discipline in the legislature. If understood in common language, it is also called an alert. It means that this person in the organization has to ensure that the party members follow the rules or decisions made by the party rather than their personal ideology or their wish. There are three types of whips. In this two line whip, the members are instructed to be present in the House at the time of voting and in this special instructions are issued for voting.


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