Maharashtra Politics: ‘Kingmaker will also become the same and Kingbreaker too’, Devendra Fadnavis told how Uddhav cheated, Sharad Pawar played double role

Maharashtra NCP Crisis: Devendra Fadnavis said that Uddhav Thackeray did not pick up our phone. After this I understood that he wants to become the Chief Minister.

Maharashtra Political Crisis: The NCP has split into two factions after Ajit Pawar joined the Eknath Shinde government in Maharashtra. After this, new statements are coming out in the script of Mahabharata released in the state. Meanwhile, Maharashtra’s Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis made several shocking revelations regarding government formation in 2019. Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis said many big things about Uddhav Thackeray, Sharad Pawar and Ajit in an interview to ANI. Devendra Fadnavis said that Uddhav ji cheated in 2019. He talked to Congress and NCP, but if there is a question of double game then Pawar ji has done it.

Fadnavis said that after coming to majority in Maharashtra, when Uddhav Thackeray came to the notice that the numbers are such that if he separates from us and goes with the other two people, then the government can be formed. If ten seats were more for us, then Uddhav Thackeray would not have done this, because the numbers had come from where he could have formed the government separately. Due to this, he started talks with Congress and NCP.

Thackeray didn’t pick up our calls: Devendra Fadnavis

Deputy CM told that Uddhav Thackeray was not even picking up our phone, was not even ready to talk to us. After this I understood that he wants to become the Chief Minister. Devendra said that it also happens in politics that in such times we also have to retaliate. Some people talked to us on behalf of NCP. He said that the talks between these three parties are going on. We do not think that such governments will run. We feel BJP and we should come together. We will be able to give a strong and stable government in Maharashtra.


‘Your age has crossed 80, why don’t you retire’, know the big things of Ajit Pawar’s speech

Fadnavis said that after this we talked to the leaders of our party. I told the party that Uddhav Thackeray has cheated. If Thackeray is not going to come with us, we will have to do at least that much so that he does not succeed. After that I got permission and had a meeting with NCP President Sharad Pawar. Sharad Pawar agreed that he would give a stable government in Maharashtra. BJP and NCP will come together. Sharad Pawar had given this responsibility to me and Ajit Pawar.

Deputy Chief Minister said that we and Ajit Pawar decided many things regarding minister and portfolio, but after that Sharad Pawar backed down. Sharad Pawar decided to go with Uddhav Thackeray. After this Ajit Pawar said, ‘After going so far, I cannot come back. I cannot do such a thing because you have taken me forward and given me the responsibility. After that we went ahead and took the oath.


The one who failed Ajit Pawar’s rebellion in 2019, now Sharad Pawar has given him a big responsibility

The Deputy CM said that according to the decision of the Supreme Court at that time, Ajit Pawar’s people would have been disqualified because the party had not come, people had come. That’s why Ajit Pawar went back. Fadnavis further said that as far as backstepping is concerned, Uddhav Thackeray has done it. As far as double play is concerned, Sharad Pawar ji has done it.

Something felt bad while becoming deputy CM: Devendra Fadnavis

In response to another question, Devendra Fadnavis said that when the BJP high command told me last year that you have to go to the government, I felt a little bad that what people would say that the person who had been the chief minister of the state should now become the deputy chief minister. going. He is so greedy for power. The BJP leader said that after one year now I believe that the decision of my party was correct. Because you can do any work by staying in the government, you cannot do it by staying outside the government.


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