Maharashtra Politics: ‘MLAs are unhappy they could not become ministers, what should they do with stitched shoots’, Nitin Gadkari’s taunt on Maharashtra incident

Maharashtra Political Crisis: Nitin Gadkari said, ‘If a person accepts that I have got more than what I deserve, then that person can be happy and satisfied.’

Maharashtra Political Crisis: Union Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari took a jibe on Friday regarding the political developments in Maharashtra. He said that those who aspired to become ministers are now unhappy as the grounds have become crowded. He does not know what to do with his stitched suit.

Nitin Gadkari was speaking at a program organized by Nagpur Vidyapeeth Shikshan Manch. Gadkari referred to the concept of “domestic happy human index” proposed by the Prime Minister of Bhutan and said that most people are never happy.

The BJP stalwart said, “If a person accepts that I have got more than what I deserve, then that person can be happy and satisfied.” Otherwise corporators are unhappy because they did not become MLAs, MLAs are unhappy because they did not become ministers and ministers remain dissatisfied because they did not get a good ministry. Gadkari said that now those who were about to become ministers are sad to think whether their turn will ever come. It has become so crowded. Hearing this statement of Gadkari, the people present in the program started laughing and clapping.

Gadkari quipped, “He was ready to stitch the suit for the swearing-in ceremony.” Now the question is what to do with that suit, now that the number of candidates has increased. Gadkari further said that the hall where the program was taking place had a capacity of 2200 and could accommodate a lot of people, but the size of the ministry could not be increased.


‘… If this happens, the price of petrol will be Rs 15 a litre’, Nitin Gadkari guarantees farmers in Rajasthan

The faction led by Ajit Pawar (NCP) joined the Eknath-BJP government on July 2. Since then, opposition leaders have been claiming that there is growing discontent among MLAs of the Shiv Sena, led by Chief Minister Eknath Shinde, and its ally, the BJP, because of the failure of their ministerial ambitions.

Nitin Gadkari addressed a public meeting on July 5 in Pratapgarh district of Rajasthan. During this, the Union Minister had said that the farmer of the country is not only a provider of food, but also a provider of energy. He said that we are working on such a plan, due to which the price of petrol will be reduced to only Rs 15 and the farmers will be greatly benefited.


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