Maharashtra: Why did BJP leader Kirit Somaiya come under controversy? Objectionable video going viral; Devendra Fadnavis announced the investigation

Kirit Somaiya: An objectionable video of former BJP MP Kirit Somaiya is going viral. After which there has been an uproar in Maharashtra.

Kirit Somaiya Viral Video Controversy: There has been a stir after the objectionable video of former BJP MP Kirit Somaiya went viral. Due to this video, there was a lot of uproar in the Maharashtra Legislative Council. Opposition leader Ambadas Danve and Shiv Sena (Thackeray faction) MLA Anil Parab have demanded an inquiry into the matter. After which Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis assured the House that a high-level inquiry would be conducted into the entire matter. If there is any complaint regarding this from the opposition parties, then it will also be investigated. The matter will not be suppressed or hidden.

Maharashtra Deputy CM Devendra Fadnavis said, ‘Many times such incidents happen in the night that a person’s entire political career gets destroyed. However, if there is any complaint in this matter, we will investigate it. The entire matter will be thoroughly investigated. Also, no one’s feelings will be hurt. Fadnavis said the identity of the woman would be given to the police for investigation. The police will identify the woman by staying within the ambit of the law. He said that we are not releasing the identity of the woman. Therefore the question of declaring it does not arise. He said that no such case would be hidden or suppressed. Kirit Somaiya himself has written a letter to get the entire matter investigated.

What did Kirit Somaiya say in his letter to Devendra Fadnavis?

Kirit Somaiya has alleged a political conspiracy behind the viral video. In this regard, he has written a letter to Deputy CM Devendra Fadnavis demanding an inquiry into the video. He tweeted and wrote, ‘Devendra ji, a video clip of mine was shown on a Marathi news channel this evening. On this occasion, many people made many allegations and counter-allegations against me. It is also said that many such video clips are available.

Somaiya further wrote, ‘It is also being said that many more such video clips also exist and many complaints have been received against me. I have never misbehaved with any woman. I would request Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis to investigate such allegations and verify the authenticity of the video.


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Maharashtra’s opposition parties have targeted the BJP after Kirit Somaiya’s objectionable video went viral. The Congress and the Uddhav faction said that Somaiya has now been exposed. On the other hand, Saamana has also made many serious allegations against Somaiya in its editorial.

Know what ‘Saamana’ wrote?

Shiv Sena (UBT) wrote in the party’s mouthpiece Saamana, ‘Somaiya has now been exposed. His blackmailing strategy has now come out in the open. Saamana accused the BJP leader of defaming several leaders and ruining their lives by making false and baseless allegations of corruption. Saamana said that around 35 video clips of Somaiya’s sex scandal have gone viral. A nuclear bomb has exploded in the political corridors of Maharashtra due to this scandal.

What did Congress and Uddhav faction say?

Leader of Opposition in the Legislative Council Ambadas Danve (Uddhav faction) said, ‘I have received many complaints regarding Kirit Somaiya. We are going to raise this issue at the right forum. For me, the safety of the women who make the complaint is important. Yashomati Thakur of Congress said that BJP always talks about morality. Now he should take legal action against Kirit Somaiya. BJP leaders who talk about morality should show courage to expel Kirit Somaiya from the party and take legal action against him.


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