Mahindra has 2.5 lakh pending orders for XUV700, ScorpioN and Thar, waiting period has increased to 17 months

Apart from the most sought-after SUVs, Mahindra also has pending orders for the Bolero and XUV300, which number around 29,000.

Mahindra is the company in the car sector that has the largest number of SUVs and the credit for popularizing this segment in India can also be given to Mahindra. Mahindra recently launched its Scorpio N, XUV700 and Thar 2WD. All these three SUVs have got great success in the market, which can be understood by looking at their huge demand.

According to reports, due to the high demand for these SUVs, the waiting period available on them has become very long, which has reached up to 17 months. Here you can know the complete details of the waiting period and demand available on these three SUVs.

Scorpio N, XUV700 and Thar: Booking and waiting period

Till the time of writing the news, Scorpio N and Scorpio Classic together have the highest number of pending orders of more than 1.17 lakh units. Customers are facing a waiting period of around 17 months (30 weeks) for the Scorpio Classic to be delivered. On the other hand, customers buying the Scorpio N are facing a waiting period of around 17 months (75 weeks). The demand for the Scorpio N and the Scorpio Classic is far exceeding the production of around 14,000 units per month. Along with this, the company continues to open new bookings every month on these SUVs.

The XUV700 had the highest waiting period before Mahindra launched the Scorpio N, ranging from around 1 year (54 weeks) to 2 years (108 weeks). But even after the launch of Scorpio N, the waiting period for XUV700 has increased from 1 year to 13 months i.e. more than 58 weeks. The pending orders for the XUV700 stand at 78,000 while Mahindra is able to produce around 8,000 units of the SUV every month.

The cheaper variant 2WD of Mahindra Thar was launched by the company in January 2023 with an initial price of Rs 9.99 lakh, after which a change in the demand pattern of this SUV has been seen. The bookings for the Thar 2WD variant continue to be received even after the price hike of the SUV.


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The waiting period for the Thar 2WD variant is around 12 months and in comparison the waiting period for the 4WD variant has come down to around 1 to 2 months. The total number of pending orders for Thar (2WD & 4WD) stands at 58,000. Even with such a huge pending order, Mahindra is manufacturing around 14,000 units of Thar every month.


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Let us tell you that throughout this year, Mahindra will focus on optimizing capacity utilization and completing pending orders. Mahindra is yet to reveal any vehicle launch plans for this year. The launch of SUVs like Thar 5-door and XUV300 facelift has also been pushed forward by the company till 2024.


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