Mainak Banerjee: Misbehavior with actor Mainak Banerjee at Kolkata airport, also accused the police of misbehaving with his wife

Actor Mainak Banerjee has been harassed at Kolkata airport. Mainak has told about this whole incident by coming on Facebook Live.

Popular TV and Tollywood actor Mainak Banerjee and his wife Aishwarya have been allegedly harassed at the Kolkata airport. The actor has given information about this incident that happened with him by coming live on Facebook. Mainak’s fans are very angry after this incident. Mainak Banerjee and his wife were manhandled at Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport.

This incident happened with him on the night of 26 May. Actually, the actor had come to the airport to pick up his wife Aishwarya. He was standing outside Gate 1B waiting for his wife to come out. When a policeman started misbehaving with them. He also harassed both of them.

Police misbehaved with Mainak and his wife

While doing Facebook Live from the airport itself, Mainak Banerjee told that he was standing outside Gate 1B of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport. Was waiting for the wife to come out of the airport. Since the wife had a little more luggage, it took some time to get her to the car. Mainak Banerjee alleges that a policeman on duty stopped him and started arguing with his wife. Later, when my wife went ahead, the policeman misbehaved with Aishwarya.


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Police also misbehaved with Mainak

Mainak Banerjee alleged that he and wife Aishwarya were not even allowed to go out with the car. At the same time, Mainak has also shared another video. In which he told that the policeman stopped his car. Also threatened to take both of them to the police station.


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In a conversation with the media, Mainak said that ‘Yesterday my wife reached the airport from Chennai. As told by him, I went to receive him at Gate No. 1B. But another policeman asked me to remove my vehicle from the spot. When I went ahead to find my wife, the policeman jumped in front of my car. There were other cars too. But the police did not stop them. The policemen were misbehaving with my wife. Because of this I had to get down from the car. Then we had a fight. The policemen asked me to remove my car as they could not bring a wheelchair. While there was no wheelchair. Please tell that Mainak Banerjee and Aishwarya got married in the month of February last year. Aishwarya is a car designer by profession. Both had a love marriage.


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