Mamta Kulkarni misbehaved with Guddi Maruti, actress revealed after 30 years, said- she was arrogant

Actress Guddi Maruti has recently revealed that Mamta Kulkarni used to misbehave with her on the sets. She didn’t treat him well.

Guddi Maruti, the famous actress of the yesteryears, entertained people a lot with her comedy in the 80’s and 90’s. On seeing Guddi Maruti, who made a mark in cinema on her own, people used to laugh and laugh.

Guddi has worked in many great films. The actress has worked with almost all the actors and actresses of that era. Now in a recent interview, Guddi has revealed the secrets of many actors. Guddi Maruti revealed which actor used to come late on the sets, and who treated her well. But Guddi Maruti has made a shocking disclosure regarding Mamta Kulkarni.

Mamta Kulkarni used to behave badly

In an interview given to Bollywood Thikana, Guddi Maruti was asked whether female actresses used to have tantrums with him too. She denied this, saying that since she was not competing with him, no one had ever misbehaved with her. With this, sharing the experience of working with Mamta Kulkarni, the actress said that I had said something in a magazine, which was taken in a wrong way. After that she did not treat me very well. It was a very foolish decision of his. The actress told that Mamta was very arrogant by nature anyway.


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Said this for Govinda

The actress further talked about Govinda and said that Govinda always used to come late on the sets. It was his routine. Whoever cast him knew that he would be late on set. Guddi said that ‘The makers were always tense about this thing, but we used to enjoy a lot. We used to get ready on the set and used to play cards while waiting for him on the set.


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The actress further said that ‘Despite the delay, I don’t think any producer ever dared to question her. Everyone had become accustomed to this habit of his. Everyone on the set used to adjust their time accordingly. The person who signs Govinda must have a strong heart. He was known for this, but it was never known the reason why he used to come late.


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