Man cheated crores through online gaming app, police raided and was shocked to see pile of notes

First the trader got some profit and then his interest increased. However, later he started losing continuously.

Nowadays people are trying to earn through online gaming app. Some give greed to make you a millionaire, while some claim to change your fortune overnight by betting. However, now a person has cheated crores by giving the greed of earning on the online gaming app. Police raided his house, was surprised to see a pile of notes.

This surprising case has come to the fore from Nagpur in Maharashtra. When the police raided a person’s house in Nagpur, they found so many notes that the eyes of the policemen were stunned. Due to the greed of speculation and high profits, a businessman got trapped in such a way that he lost Rs 58 crore through online games.

The businessman complained to the Nagpur Police in Gondia, Maharashtra and informed about the online gaming fraud. After this, when the police raided the house of the accused Anant Jain, cash worth more than 10 crores and 4 kg gold biscuits were recovered. Even the police could not believe seeing such a huge amount, then a cash counting machine was brought. In counting, it is said that more than ten crores will be received.


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According to the information, in the month of November 2021, accused Anant Jain asked his business partner to bet in online games and also lured him to earn good profits. The businessman got greedy and got addicted to it and he spent about Rs 63 crore in the game between 2021 and 2023 till the businessman.


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First the businessman got some profit and then his interest increased. However, after that he started losing continuously. Then when he realized the fraud, he asked for the money back. It is alleged that Anant Navratan Jain threatened to kill him on demanding money. After this, the businessman gave a complaint to the police. It is being told that accused Anant Navratan Jain has fled the country.


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