MCD Election: Now the people of Delhi will not have to pay the loan amount – AAP leader tweeted after the exit poll, users enjoyed it like this

MCD Election: Referring to the exit poll, the AAP MLA said that the advantage of the arrival of ‘AAP’, users have given their reactions on social media!

After the Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh Assembly Elections (Gujarat – Himachal Pradesh Election) and Delhi MCD Election (Delhi MCD Election), now the results are awaited. The results of the elections are going to be revealed on December 8. In the exit polls that came out earlier, AAP is seen performing well in the MCD elections. On this, all your leaders have started taunting the BJP. Not only this, AAP leaders started counting the benefits.

AAP MLA tweeted

AAP MLA Naresh Balyan (AAP MLA Naresh Balyan) tweeted that according to the exit polls till date, now the people of Delhi will not have to pay the loan amount. In another tweet, he wrote that the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) had ended the monopoly rule of the Congress in Delhi for 15 years. Now Aam Aadmi Party is going to end the misdeeds of 15 years of BJP in MCD. Both the parties have a long history of more than 100 years. When the foundation will be shaken, they will torture us like this, but we will not stop.

User Feedback

People on social media are giving their reactions on this tweet of Naresh Balyan. @RajSinghBhati14 The user wrote that sir, the common man’s councilors themselves come to take the money of the loaner, when the loaner goes down, should I reveal the name with proof? Common citizens no longer trust any party! @iSinghNick User wrote that MLA, when the exit poll is of Gujarat Himachal then it is fraud and if it is of Delhi then it is accurate? This is a wonderful coincidence.

One user wrote that even your councilors are no less, but you people have given so much money in the campaign that your corruption is not visible in the news. @RAHULAG92453783 User wrote that according to exit polls, AAP’s MCD is being built in Delhi, now you will bother to tell in how many months you will eliminate the garbage of Delhi, which you promised. @ramanverma572 User wrote that you have both MLA and corporator in the areas, yet work is not allowed to be done. They remain entangled with each other.


MCD Election Exit Poll 2022: AAP is seen heavy on BJP in MCD election exit poll results

Let us inform that Delhi MCD is occupied by BJP for the last 15 years, the common claim is that this time it will face defeat in MCD and AAP will get maximum votes. According to the exit polls that came out after the elections, AAP will emerge as the single largest party in Delhi, followed by BJP at number two and Congress at number three. On the other hand, the BJP government in Gujarat seems to be coming back again.


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