MGNREGA Pending Wages: Due to the Heela Hawali of the Centre, P. Scheme on the verge of dying in Bengal, Bihar and UP, know the details of the outstanding amount

MGNAREGA: Rural Development Minister, in a written reply to Rajya Sabha, on 16 December shared details of state-wise pending liabilities for wage payment under the scheme till 2022-23.

MGNAREGA Wage Pending in Many States: The country’s West Bengal (West Bengal), Uttar Pradesh (UP), Bihar (Bihar) and Jharkhand (Jharkhand) are at the top of the list of states where MNREGA is not being released due to non-release of funds from the Central Government. (Mgnarega) workers have been paid their wages with a delay of one year. Union Rural Development Minister (MoRD) Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti gave this information in the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday (December 21). The condition of West Bengal is worst in terms of delay in payment of wages to labourers.

Ministry shared data in Rajya Sabha

In West Bengal, Rs 833 crore is yet to be released to the state for the current financial year 2022-23. Apart from this, Rs 1916 crore is yet to be released for the last year 2021-22. West Bengal, ruled by the Trinamool Congress, is the worst in terms of the number of people left out of the scheme for delayed and non-payment of salaries. Sharing its figures in the Upper House, the ministry said that Rs 833 crore is yet to be released to the state for the current financial year 2022-23, while Rs 1,916 crore is yet to be released for 2021-22.


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West Bengal tops in MGNAREGA payments

In a written reply to the Rajya Sabha, the Rural Development Minister on 16 December shared the details of state-wise pending liabilities for payment of wages under the scheme till 2022-23. According to these documents, Uttar Pradesh is second in this list after West Bengal, where MGNREGA workers are owed Rs 318 crore, Bihar has Rs 301 crore and Jharkhand Rs 276 crore. Is. Total wage dues of Rs 4,919 crore are pending in 34 states under the Centre’s flagship scheme.


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25% state and 75% center releases funds in MGNAREGA

West Bengal also tops among the states which also have huge liabilities under the raw material such as bricks, cement etc. taken for the scheme. In such cases, the states bear 25 per cent of the cost while the Center releases funds for the remaining 75 per cent. The state has a liability of Rs 467 crore as of December 16 this year and Rs 2,221 crore is due for 2021-22. MGNREGA is a demand based wage employment scheme that guarantees 100 days of employment per household in rural areas. The demand for work under it increased rapidly during the years of the pandemic. Salaries under the scheme were the only source of basic income security for the lakhs of people who lost their jobs.


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