Mobile with a student he jumped from the third floor, but there are no traces of blood The full story of the Azamgarh incident

News from Azamgarh: A class 11 student at a girls’ school in Azamgarh committed suicide by jumping from the school roof. A cell phone was reportedly found in the girl’s bag. For this, he was fiercely reprimanded and tortured. Wounded, he jumped from the third floor and took his own life.
Case of the death of a student in Azamgarh: The case of the death of a student in Azamgarh, Pennsylvania, has become a hot topic throughout the state. In this case, the police arrested the school principal and the student’s class teacher. In protest, the private school association announced the school’s closure on August 8. The association says it’s not right to arrest without investigation. The police, meanwhile, say they have enough evidence to arrest the school principal and the class teacher. So let’s get to the bottom of this case and what the principal and teacher had to say about the incident.

On July 31, a class 11 pupil at a girls’ school in Azamgarh committed suicide by jumping off the school roof. A cell phone was allegedly found in the girl’s bag. For this, he was fiercely reprimanded and tortured. Wounded, he jumped from the third floor and took his own life.

On the complaint of the deceased’s parents, a case was registered against the school principal and the class teacher and, later, both were arrested. However, opposing this action, the Association of Private Schools (UP) announced the closure of private schools on August 8.

What happened to the student that day?

The principal of the arrested school is Sonam Mishra and the teacher is Abhishek Rai. Regarding this incident, he said that they had checked on Friday whether a pupil had brought any prohibited items such as a cell phone, etc. In this episode, the girl’s cell phone was recovered. That day, the case was solved.
When the school opened on Monday, the headmistress called her into the office and spoke to her. The girl was asked for her parents’ number. But the parents were slow to come. Meanwhile, the girl ran up to the third floor and jumped. He was immediately taken to hospital. But the doctors declared him dead,

The student stood in front of my desk: Headmaster

The school principal, Sonam, declared that I had done nothing wrong. The day the laptop was received, the parents were called the same day, but they didn’t show up. Our school is 44 years old, why would we do anything wrong? That day, she (the student) stood outside my office for 15 to 20 minutes. I thought she’d stay out front and when the parents arrived, I’d hand them over.
The principal added that we had no such apprehensions. We have children too, we all understand. Our job is to educate. It’s our responsibility to explain and save the students. We won’t do the job of killing anyone.

The student made this decision in a matter of minutes: Class teacher

Abhishek Rai, the teacher of the deceased student’s class, said that I was the one who had called the parents. We wanted to inform them that a cell phone of his daughter’s had been found, which no school alluded to. The student’s mother said on the phone that if she came back after a while, she’d meet her. But within 10 to 15 minutes, the student made that decision. Then, at a quarter to two, the parents came too.

Have the bloodstains been removed?

Azamgarh SP Anurag Arya’s statement was also highlighted regarding this incident. He said that on the complaint of the deceased’s relatives, a case was registered under Section 302. But later, instead of murder, a case of accessory to murder (section 306) was registered. The two named defendants, Director Sonam Mishra and Professor Abhishek Rai, were arrested and remanded to court.
Officers check school roof

A team was formed to investigate the case. The school’s CCTV cameras were seized to gather evidence. In the CCTV images, after 12:00 on July 31, the student went into the principal’s room, then came out and stood outside the room for a long time. At around 1.15pm, she climbed the stairs to the third floor, from where she fell.
The benzene test carried out during the site inspection revealed that

Blood was present where the girl fell, but the blood had been washed away. It was probably washed away by the water from the school’s pupils. This act of destroying evidence is a crime that falls into the category.

The student was mentally tortured Was?

The initial investigation revealed that after the cell phone was found on the student, she was mentally tortured. On the day of the incident, instead of being forced to attend class, the student was summoned to the principal’s room. As punishment, he stood outside the principal’s room for a long time.


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