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Ajit Pawar was listening with great interest to the story that bread gets burnt if it is not turned on the griddle, but while narrating it, Sharad Pawar got lost in the daughter-infatuation. NCP’s bread got burnt. Ajit Pawar has already said that why don’t you retire, I also want to become the Chief Minister. Now an eye will also be kept on the headquarters of the investigating agency as to how far back is the file of corruption of the leaders joining the triple engine government with the BJP pushed back? And, if tomorrow Jamai ji, who is accused of earning corruption, also becomes a part of the engine, will he also be completely cleared of corruption charges?

Can MPs and MLAs work in their constituencies only by being part of the ruling party? How far will the exercise of rejecting the existence of opposition in India’s democracy go? Discusses the questions raised from Maharashtra regarding democracy speak out,

the passion for rashness in its place
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-Jan Elia

Had Uddhav Thackeray not resigned, his government could have been restored in Maharashtra.
,Supreme Court Bench
‘All’s fair in love and war. But, nothing is ever fair in politics. Idealism is good in politics, but if you are thrown out there then who cares about you?’
,Devendra Fadnavis in an interview with The Indian Express

Maharashtra has become a big laboratory in the battle that started for 2024. Before Eknath Shinde and Ajit Pawar, talk of Uddhav Thackeray and Devendra Fadnavis to understand the current politics of the state which is called the economic capital of the country. There was a time when Ajit Pawar was seen as the hero of Maharashtra for 77 hours, then Eknath Shinde became the hero and now we are talking about the alleged Chanakya behind Ajit Pawar.

Maharashtra politics is changing course again and again

Uddhav Thackeray did Facebook Live as soon as Eknath Shinde rebelled in Maharashtra. Being emotional in front of the public, resigned from the post of Chief Minister and also left the Chief Minister’s residence. Among the MLAs running from Maharashtra to Assam, Uddhav Thackeray went away after greeting everyone. On the other hand, Devendra Fadnavis had understood at the same time that the politics of Maharashtra has completely changed now. Fadnavis, who had established himself as a strong Chief Minister of Maharashtra, accepted Eknath Shinde’s subordination and quietly went about his work. In between, by making statements like ‘Aurangzeb’s children’, he kept on breaking the benign image created by him according to the taste of the time.

Raised difficult questions in the chapter of political correctness

It is a coincidence that at the time of great upheaval in Maharashtra, Fadnavis speaks the same truth in a newspaper interview, which he had interviewed long ago. To be considered for political evaluation, you must be alive in politics. The swiftness and ease with which coups have taken place in the politics of Maharashtra in the last four years has raised equally difficult questions in the chapter of political correctness.


Sharad Pawar’s daughter Supriya Sule became the reason for rebellion in NCP? Praful Patel told the whole thing

Chhagan Bhujbal’s statements will continue to be attached with these questions. After joining the Shinde-Fadnavis government, Bhujbal said – People will say that there are cases against us by the investigative agencies, that’s why they came together, but there are no cases against many MLAs, they have also come together.

Maharashtra News |  Maharashtra Politics Crisis|  Ajit Pawar News |  Chhagan Bhujbal |
NCP leader Chhagan Bhujbal addressing a press conference, in Mumbai, Thursday, July 6, 2023. (PTI photo)

This statement of Bhujbal must have resonated from the Directorate of Enforcement to the headquarters of other investigative agencies as well. Bhujbal says clearly – there is no case against many MLAs…they have also come together…after some time questions will be asked from the headquarters of the investigating agencies as to what happened to those accused of corruption? Bhujbal has already answered this question to be asked further. While registering cases against the opposition leaders in the pen of the investigating agencies, perhaps there is no ink left for those who come in favor of the government, so it cannot be called the fault of the pen.


Who is Neelam Gore who joined the Shinde faction by giving a blow to Uddhav?

Yes, an excessive question on such an extreme of politics. When there is no problem even with family members worth seventy thousand crores, then yesterday those sons-in-law, whose coup was caused by raising the question of their earnings, will also come to you, then they will be washed and cleaned? Is the slip of familyism and corruption only to be pasted on the forehead of the opposition?

Recently, Sharad Pawar announced to leave the leadership of NCP. Although technically he did not leave and later handed over the inheritance to his daughter. Sharad Pawar has a political history of leaving the Congress and then joining it. His mantra has been that nothing is acceptable except the top in power. With this mantra, he became the regional satrap of Maharashtra. It is said about him that he kept becoming Prime Minister twice.

Maharashtra News |  Maharashtra Politics Crisis|  Ajit Pawar News |  Supriya Sule |  Sharad Pawar |
Sharad Pawar and his daughter Supriya Sule during a meeting with Congress leaders at their residence in New Delhi, Thursday, July 6, 2023. (PTI photo)

Once Narasimha Rao became the Prime Minister in his place and Manmohan Singh became the Prime Minister for the second time. Therefore, Pawar’s natural reaction after the development was – this rebellion is not new to me. Ajit Pawar followed the lessons learned from his family and whenever he got a chance, he got the chair of Deputy Chief Minister. As soon as the legacy of NCP was transferred to Supriya Sule, the apprehension of this rebellion of Ajit Pawar was being raised.


Two birds with one stone … BJP played the same game against Sharad Pawar, the real story of rebellion in NCP

The BJP was being accused of conducting an ‘operation’ against the opposition, but it appeared that Sharad Pawar himself had prepared the ‘operation room’ and was providing tools to the doctor performing the surgery as per his demand. The cancer of familism on the body of power of regional satraps has become so dreadful that the whole body looks like a failure as soon as a particular organ is removed.

Maharashtra News |  Maharashtra Politics Crisis|  Ajit Pawar News |  Sharad Pawarl |
NCP chief Sharad Pawar after paying tributes to former Maharashtra Chief Minister Yashwantrao Chavan, in Karad, Monday, July 3, 2023. (PTI photo)

Sharad Pawar narrated the story of turning the roti on the foundation day of the party. If the roti is not turned from time to time, it gets burnt on the griddle. But, while narrating the story to which Ajit Pawar was listening with great interest, Sharad Pawar got lost in the daughter’s fascination. Sharad Pawar took back the resignation and the bread did not turn. Roti had to suffer the consequences of the story. NCP’s bread got burnt. Desperate to go to the top, Ajit Pawar sulkingly said – Leaders in BJP retire at the age of 75. when are you going to be I also want to become the Chief Minister.

Now, as far as the issue of anti-defection law is concerned, Mr. Aaya Ram, when Gaya Ram was born, who knew then that the term of the jumla made in his name would also end. Later the entire army will defect. In the coming time, the whole team will change.

However, after seeing all this, the public would also be searching for their Janardan medal as to where these leaders had buried it. Seeing the number of avatars taken by the government of Maharashtra in the last four years, the public must be thinking that it is a matter of luck that elections will be held in five years, otherwise their ‘Dasavatar’ would have been completed.

Sprinkling pepper and spice of political phrases on the wounds of the people standing in confusion, Eknath Shinde says – The double engine government has now become a triple engine. With this, the development of Maharashtra will be faster and the public will get more benefits. Eknath Shinde is talking about the triple engine, who is well aware that if his faction is disqualified, which is being feared, then he will be the first to be derailed.

What he did with Shiv Sena yesterday, today Ajit Pawar has done with NCP. Maybe tomorrow Ajit Pawar will be on the chair of Eknath Shinde and there will be a political precedent of Shinde being disqualified for assembly. The government of Maharashtra can again be of double engine. There should also be talk on what should be the ratio of coaches and engines.

The way Maharashtra’s politics has been turned into a laboratory for changing parties, its worst effect is being told on the unity of the opposition. At present, the same scene is being created that the one who stays in favor will survive. There is a possibility of competition in other states to come and bring in favor. So has Maharashtra brought a bad message for opposition unity? Can’t MPs and MLAs develop in their area without being in power?

Those who say so are missing a partner. Means, the people of Maharashtra are searching for Janardan’s Zamindoj Tamge. She will also cure the merger of this force-change with the change of party. No matter how many double or triple engines you add, once it stops at the election station, only the public’s green flag will work.


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