Neeyat Review: ‘Neet’ is full of suspense, still it could not show amazing, Vidya Balan’s acting is strong

Neeyat Review: Apart from Vidya Balan, other actors in the film are average.

Many a times, it has always been our custom to make a half-desi, half-foreign film by adding a little bit of new masala to a foreign story. But such an attempt always leads to failure. The same has happened with the film ‘Niyat’. Director Anu Menon has made this film by adding and subtracting some things here and there from Agatha Christie’s ‘Death on the Nile’. Earth is alien. That is Scotland.

The rich man who is killed is an Indian. The name is Ashish Kapoor aka AK (Ram Kapoor). AK throws a party at his luxurious house and gets murdered there. ‘Who the killer?’ Let’s start the game. Many people are suspicious. From friends to son and his girlfriend. Thus, CBI officer Meera Rao (Vidya Balan) is challenged to solve this dramatic murder. Will she be able to do this?

Absolutely will be able to because this is what this film has been made for. Vidya Balan’s own tantrums and style are seen in this film. Smart too. But in spite of this the film moves forward with a drag. There is no harm in making a film in English on foreign films or stories, provided the director has enough imagination. The same director is not in Anu Menon.


Once again Rakhi Sawant is looking for a groom, standing in the pouring rain, breaks eggs on her head, says – find the groom soon…

There is no consistency in reaching from one scene to another at many places. Since all the actors except Vidya Balan are ordinary, that is, their star importance is less or not at all, that’s why the film has not been able to come to life. It is definitely that the center of the story is Scotland, so the atmosphere affects it. The music of the film is average.


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