New Parliament Inauguration: PM Modi told why there was a need for a new Parliament House, the opposition was asking this question

New Parliament Inauguration: Many leaders including Bihar Chief Minister and SP MP Shafiqur Rahman Burke had raised questions regarding the new Parliament House.

New Parliament Inauguration: Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the new Parliament House on Sunday (May 28, 2023). During this, PM Modi also told the specialty of the new Parliament House. The Prime Minister also answered that question of the leaders of the opposition parties. In which many leaders of the opposition party were raising questions regarding the new Parliament House. Many leaders of the opposition parties had asked that there was no need for a new Parliament building yet. Only the old Parliament House can be expanded.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, ‘We all know how difficult it was becoming for everyone to complete their tasks in the old Parliament House. There, there were technical problems, seating challenges, so there was talk of needing a new Parliament building.

The number of MPs will increase in the coming times: PM Modi

PM Modi also mentioned about increasing the number of MPs. Modi said, ‘If the number of MPs increases in the coming times, where would they sit? The construction of the new Parliament House has been done keeping in view the demand of the time. He said that this building is fully equipped with modern facilities.


‘Each particle of the new parliament is dedicated to the welfare of the poor’, PM Modi said – the path of empowerment of the countrymen passes through here

The Prime Minister said that new paradigms are created only by walking on new paths. New India is setting new goals. Today once again the whole world is looking at India and its steadfastness with respect and hope. He said that when India moves forward, the world moves forward. This new building of Parliament will call for the development of the world from the development of India. This new building will become a means of realizing the dreams of our freedom fighters.

Nitish Kumar raised questions regarding the new Parliament House

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar had raised questions regarding the new Parliament building. Attacking the Modi government at the Centre, Nitish Kumar had said that there was no need for a new Parliament building. If needed, the old building itself should have been developed further. Nitish Kumar accused the Modi government of changing history. He said that the Modi government wants to change everything. She is going to change the whole history.


New Parliament Building: ‘I was doing wudu in the toilet of Parliament, then Rahul Gandhi came…’ Shafiqur Rahman Burke told the story

SP MP Shafiqur Rahman Burke gave this argument

SP MP from Uttar Pradesh’s Sambhal Shafiqur Rahman Burke had also raised questions regarding the new Parliament House. Shafiqur Rahman had said that I do not think there was any need to form a new parliament. The old Parliament has all the facilities. We should have used that. Our economy is struggling. In such a situation, that money could have been spent on helping the poor and deprived sections of the society.


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