New Parliament: ‘New India is setting new goals, forging new paths’, know the big things of PM’s speech

Addressing the people present in the new parliament after the inauguration of the new parliament, he said that when India moves forward, the world moves forward. This new building of the Parliament will call for the development of the world along with the development of India.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday dedicated the new Parliament House to the nation. Addressing the people in the program held in the afternoon after the inauguration of the Parliament House, he said that there are moments in the development journey of every country, which become immortal forever. Some dates become indelible signatures of history on the frontal of time. Today, this day of May 28, 2023, is such an auspicious occasion.

Let us tell you 10 big things of PM Narendra Modi’s speech

  1. PM Narendra Modi said that this new building… will become a means of realizing the dreams of our freedom fighters, will witness the sunrise of a self-reliant India, will see the fulfillment of the resolutions of a developed India, the ideal of coexistence of the new and the ancient. Example. It is not just a building… it is a reflection of the aspirations and dreams of 140 crore Indians. This is the temple of our democracy giving the message of India’s determination to the world.
  2. He said that seeing the new Parliament House today, every Indian is full of pride. It also has architecture, heritage, art, skill, culture and constitution. The inner part of the Lok Sabha is based on the national bird peacock, the inner part of the Rajya Sabha is based on the national flower lotus. There is also a banyan tree, the national tree in the premises of the Parliament.
  3. PM Narendra Modi tweeted that today, on this historic occasion, some time ago, the holy Sengol has also been established in the new building of the Parliament. In the Great Chola Empire, Sengol was considered a symbol of the path of duty, the path of the nation. Under the guidance of Raja ji and the saints of Adhinam, this Sengol became the symbol of transfer of power.
  4. He said that the Parliament House has given employment to about 60,000 workers. A digital gallery dedicated to their labor has also been created. Today, when we are celebrating seeing the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, I am satisfied that we have also built more than 30,000 new panchayat buildings in the country. From Panchayat Bhawan to Parliament House, our allegiance is the same. 25 years from today, India will complete 100 years of its independence.
  5. PM Narendra Modi said that today New India… is setting new goals, forging new paths. There is new enthusiasm, there is new enthusiasm. New journey, new thinking. The direction is new, the vision is new. The resolution is new, the belief is new.
  6. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that after slavery, our India started its new journey after losing a lot. That journey has gone through many ups and downs, overcoming many challenges and has entered the golden age of freedom. This immortal time of independence is the immortal time to create new dimensions of development while saving the heritage.
  7. He said that India is not only a democratic nation, but also the mother of democracy. India is also a big base of global democracy today. Democracy is not just a system for us, it is a culture, an idea, a tradition. Our democracy is our inspiration, our constitution is our resolve. The best representative of this inspiration and this resolution is our Parliament.
  8. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that from cities to palaces, from temples to idols, the architecture of India proclaims India’s expertise. India’s skill used to surprise the travelers coming from all over the world but hundreds of years of slavery took away this pride from us. A time has also come when we start getting fascinated by the construction done in other countries. The new India of the 21st century is an India full of high spirits. Now leaving behind the thinking of slavery.
  9. PM Narendra Modi said that we all know how difficult it was becoming for everyone to complete their tasks in the old Parliament building. There were many problems in the old parliament, that’s why the country was feeling the need of a new parliament. In the coming times, the number of seats will increase, if the number of MPs increases, then where would those people sit. Therefore it was the need of the hour that a new building of the Parliament should be constructed.
  10. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that this Amrit Kaal of freedom… is the Amrit Kaal to give a new direction to the country, it is the Amrit Kaal to fulfill infinite dreams and innumerable aspirations. 25 years from now, India will complete 100 years of its independence. We have 25 years of nectar period. Together we have to make India a developed nation in these 25 years.


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