Nithyananda’s ‘imaginary country’ Kailasa cheated America, made fake agreement with 30 US cities

Nithyananda’s fictional country ‘United States of Kailasa’ signed sister city agreements with more than 30 American cities.

Accused in serious cases like rape-kidnapping and absconding from India, Nithyananda has cheated America as well. Nithyananda, who established the fictional country Kailasa, has committed forgery in 30 cities of America. The City of Newark, New Jersey, USA has itself admitted that it has become a victim of a scam for signing a ‘sister city’ contract with a fake Hindu nation.

Fake agreement with 30 cities of America

In fact, a media report claims that the United States of Kailasa has entered into a ‘cultural partnership’ agreement with more than 30 American cities. The report comes days after the city of Newark in the US state of New Jersey said it had scrapped a ‘sister city’ agreement with the fictional country.

Compromising cities include important US cities such as Newark, Richmond, Virginia, Dayton, Ohio, Buena Park and Florida. The website of Kailasa itself has written about the agreements made with all these cities. Please tell that Nityananda had claimed in 2019 that he has established a country named Kailasa.

America said Kailasa had fraudulently signed the agreement

The Mayor of Newark City invited representatives of Kailasa to a Cultural Trade Agreement held at Newark City Hall. The surprising thing is that after the entire program was over, the officials realized that they had been scammed. After which Newark, a city in the US state of New Jersey, terminated the Sister City Agreement with Kailasa a few days ago.

An agreement was signed between Newark and the fictional country ‘United States of Kailasa’ on 12 January 2023. Some photos and videos of this cultural program were also revealed in which it can be seen that Newark officials are signing some papers. The ceremony took place in the City Hall of Newark but when Newark came to know about the reality of Kailasa, they immediately canceled their agreement. Newark press secretary Suzanne Garofalo regretted the agreement. He said that as soon as we came to know about the conditions of Kailasa, we terminated the agreement. This agreement was done fraudulently.


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Sister city agreement canceled within 6 days

According to a report in the New York Post, Newark officials said the settlement lasted only six days and was completely rejected. Not only this, US officials have also claimed that money was not exchanged at the ceremony. Newark Councilman Luis Quintana introduced a resolution on January 18 to nullify the agreement. Quintana said that for any country to join the Sister City Agreement, it is necessary to properly follow human rights there. We cannot include any country which is engulfed in controversies and where human rights are not followed. This settlement was a mistake that we cannot make. After this, passing the resolution, Newark canceled this agreement.


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