North Korea fired missiles: Kim Jong fired two ballistic missiles after giving weapons to Russia’s private military group

North Korea: The US and South Korea have been warning for months that Pyongyang is preparing to conduct its seventh nuclear test.

North Korea Fired Ballistic Missiles: North Korea on Friday (December 23, 2022) fired two ballistic missiles from the east coast towards the sea. The launch is the latest in a series of missile tests conducted by North Korea.

South Korea’s army gave information about the launch

The latest launch was informed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff of South Korea. South Korea’s military detected the missile launch from North Korea’s capital area at about 4:32 p.m., it said in a statement. It also said, “Our military is fully prepared, cooperating closely with the US while strengthening surveillance and vigilance.”

The US and South Korea have warned for months that Pyongyang is preparing to conduct its seventh nuclear test. The two countries on Tuesday conducted a joint air exercise and deployed a US B-52H strategic bomber to the Korean Peninsula, according to the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff. The long-range heavy bomber is part of an exercise involving the US and South Korea’s most advanced jets, the F-22 and F-35 fighters.


For the first time, the daughter of the dictator of North Korea came in front of the world, came to see the missile launch with father Kim Jong Un

No intention to attack North Korea

South Korea’s defense ministry says the drills were part of a bilateral agreement on enhancing US commitment to defend its Asian ally with all available military capabilities, including nuclear ones. North Korea usually describes such military exercises by the US and South Korea as a rehearsal for an invasion. However, the allies said they had no intention of attacking North Korea.

North Korea sent weapons to Russia; America

Prior to the North Korean launch, the White House said Pyongyang had sent weapons to Wagner, a Russian private military group. The Wagner Group is controlled by Yevgeny Prigogine, a businessman. He was once called “Putin’s chef”.

In a statement carried by the Korean Central News Agency, the North Korean Foreign Ministry denied any arms deal with Russia, saying the story was fabricated by some unscrupulous forces for various purposes.


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