Not the mother but the father gave birth to the child, know how it became possible

When it was learned that Celeb Bolden’s wife Niamh could not get pregnant, she decided to give birth to the child herself.

Can a father give birth to a child? Your answer would be how can this happen? But it has happened. A father has given birth to his own child. This is because the man’s wife was not medically fit to become a mother. She could never become a mother, in such a situation, 27-year-old Celeb Bolden has given birth to a child.

The father decided to give birth to a child.

Celeb Bolden to become a father is a transgender man. He was a woman before. After this he was undergoing treatment to become a man. The treatment was going on for several months, in such a way most of his body has become like that of men. At the same time, when it came to know that Niamh, wife of Celeb Bolden, could not get pregnant, she decided to give birth to the child herself.

Celeb stopped the treatment and decided to become a mother

Celeb Bolden decided to stop his treatment for the time being. She became pregnant and has now given birth to a child. Celeb Bolden told that he was taking testosterone injections since 2017. In such a situation, it was very difficult for her to stop the injection and decide to become a mother again. The celeb said that he wanted to change his gender since childhood. After this, when this process started, it was a very difficult decision to stop it.


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Celeb Bolden said that most of the people in my office did not know that I was a transgender. They were all shocked when they came to know that I was pregnant. Although everyone supported me. The celeb said that I want to tell all transgenders that they can become fathers. The celeb has surprised everyone by giving birth to a baby boy at West Suffolk Hospital.


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Celeb Bolden told that before starting to take testosterone injections again, I want to give birth to another child. For this I will take the help of sperm donor. Now everyone is surprised to hear this news of Celeb Bolden because he had taken testosterone medicines for 27 months. After that it was a difficult decision to stop the treatment.


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