Now mobile ban in Kedarnath temple, will be able to visit only in ‘decent’ clothes, decision taken after couple’s viral video

Mobile phones and cameras have been banned by the temple administration and devotees have been advised to wear ‘decent’ clothes.

Photography and carrying of phones have been banned in the premises of Kedarnath temple. This ban has been imposed after a female blogger proposed in front of the temple. The couple’s video became increasingly viral on social media, only after which the temple administration had asked to ban mobiles and cameras.

Warning boards in the temple premises

The temple committee has banned photography and videography inside the Kedarnath temple. The temple committee has put up warning boards at various places in the Kedarnath temple premises that if anyone is caught taking photos or making videos, legal action will be taken against them.

Statement from Badrinath committee

Shri Badrinath Kedarnath Temple Committee President Ajay Ajendra told ANI, “Some pilgrims were making videos and reels in an indecent manner inside the temple and were also clicking pictures, so warning boards have also been installed in Kedarnath.”


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The video of ‘proposing’ went viral

A video went viral on social media, in which a girl was seen proposing to a boy in front of a temple. After this video went viral, many questions were raised and there was talk of banning the use of phones in the temple premises. However, now mobile phones and cameras have been banned by the temple administration, as well as devotees have been advised to wear ‘decent’ clothes.

A Twitter user named Bharat wrote that the devotees will no longer be able to take photographs or make reels in the temple premises, if this happens everywhere, then half the crowd will reduce because half of them leave for that reason. Another wrote that this is a good decision, such a rule should be made in all temples. Yes but there should be rules for everyone.


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Another wrote, ‘It is really good news that photography and videography should not be allowed in any temple premises, this is a place of spirituality, not for tiktokers.’ One wrote, ‘I completely agree with this ban, this ban should also be in all the major temples and Dhams of India. Even if a celebrity comes, the videography of the news channel should also be banned.


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