Now you can buy gold from ATM also, know how

It will work 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In this, anyone can buy gold according to their budget capacity.

Gold Dispensing ATM: We go to the ATM to withdraw our savings money on every need, but now we can take not only money but also gold from the ATM. This facility has been made available by Goldsikka Private Limited, a private company based in Hyderabad. While launching it, the company has claimed that it is the country’s first real-time gold dispensing machine.

Company decided to start Gold ATM after survey

The company says that it has decided to launch it after conducting a survey among the common people. In the survey, the company came to know that many people want to invest in gold, but they are reluctant to buy it in small quantities or numbers by going to big stores. In such a situation, this ATM will become a very easy way for them.

Will be able to buy gold coins from half gram to 100 grams

From this ATM, people can withdraw coins ranging from half gram, one gram, two grams, five grams, ten grams, twenty grams, fifty grams to hundred grams. The value of the coin will be based on the real time value of the market and will be reflected on the screen of the ATM.

You can use Debit Card and Credit Card to buy gold.

Using this Gold ATM is simple. It will work 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In this, anyone can buy gold according to their budget capacity. Customers will be given very easy access to make purchases at Gold ATMs. Every buyer can use credit card and debit card to do the transaction.

Like money from ATM, gold coins will also come out.

Gold ATM works like a normal ATM. Customer will insert their Debit, Credit card in Gold ATM to buy gold from Gold ATM. Then enter its PIN. After this, enter the amount of gold coins you want to buy. Then the machine will automatically start extracting coins.

The company said – will make India a golden bird again

In a tweet on Twitter, the company said, “We are happy to inform that we have successfully launched Gold ATM. Through this achievement, we are beginning to contribute to the mission of Bangaru Telangana to make India the golden bird again.”


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