Oh helplessness! Father forced to walk 200 km carrying son’s dead body in a bag

Due to lack of money, a person was forced to travel about 200 km by bus carrying the dead body of a five-month-old child.

A shocking case has come to light from West Bengal’s Siliguri, where a man carried his dead child in a bag and covered a distance of nearly 200 km to reach his home. This is because he did not have the money to take the child’s body in an ambulance. Only after this matter came to the fore, there is fierce politics on it.

Ambulance driver asked for eight thousand rupees

According to information, a five-month-old child who was hospitalized for six days died on Saturday night at the North Bengal Medical College Hospital in Siliguri. The father told that Rs 16,000 had been spent on the treatment of the child. When he sought help from an ambulance driver to take the child home, he was asked for Rs 8,000. On the other hand, the driver of 102 Yojana said that ambulances are not used to carry dead bodies.

Father came out with child’s dead body in a bag

After this, the child’s father ‘Aashim Debsharma’ left the child in a bag to go to Kaliyaganj by bus. During this, he did not even let the passengers know that there was a dead body of a child in the bag. They feared that if the passengers came to know about this, they would get off the bus.


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Now the main opposition BJP has attacked the Mamta Banerjee government regarding this matter. Subendu Adhikari has said that even if the technical side is kept away in this matter, has ‘Swasthya Sathi’ achieved the same? This is the real picture of advanced Bengal. In response to this, it has been said on behalf of TMC that this is dirty politics. TMC Rajya Sabha MP Shantanu Sen said ‘BJP is doing dirty politics in the matter of unfortunate death of a child.


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Now people are expressing anger towards the government on social media regarding this matter and are attacking Mamta Banerjee government. People are expressing grief that what would have happened to the father who carried a five-month-old child in a bag and took him home? A living example of how poor people are struggling under the hollow claims of the government.


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