Opposition Meeting: Why is the decision not being taken regarding seat sharing? Who will be the convenor, many questions still remain

Opposition Meeting: The parties present in the meeting decided to take it one step at a time and postponed the discussion on the decision on seat-sharing on a state-by-state basis.

The 26 opposition parties that have come to fight the BJP in the Lok Sabha elections-2024 have named their unity as ‘India’. This decision was taken in Bengaluru on Tuesday. Before the meeting, it was speculated that after Patna, now the opposition parties in Bengaluru would take some decision on the issue of seat sharing, but it did not happen.

The parties present in the meeting decided to take it one step at a time and postponed the discussion on a decision on seat-sharing on a state-by-state basis. Apart from this, the discussion was also to decide the name of the coordinator of the front, but this decision was also postponed to the next meeting to be held in Mumbai next month. However, anticipating these questions in advance, the opposition parties ended the meeting with a collective resolution and also announced the next month’s meeting.

Currently there is no discussion on UCC

These opposition parties present in Bengaluru remained silent on issues like Uniform Civil Code (UCC), however, in a joint statement, they said that they have come together to defeat hatred and violence being perpetrated against minorities. We have come together to stop the increasing crimes against women, Dalits, Adivasis and Kashmiri Pandits. All have come together to demand fair trial for socially, educationally and economically backward communities.

‘BJP has spread hatred, we will defeat it’

In the meeting of the opposition parties, many attacks were made on the BJP rule. Opposition parties said in one voice that we have gathered to take a pledge to fight against the planned conspiracy of the BJP.


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Opposition parties also accused BJP of attacking the Preamble of the Constitution, Opposition parties said that BJP’s poisonous campaign of hatred has created a very bad atmosphere in the country that’s why we are united. PM Modi’s silence was once again questioned in this meeting regarding Manipur.


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